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Precautions overview movie - ThinkCentre 8084, 8085, 8147, 8148, 8179, 8189, 8190, 8194, 8195, 8198, 8199, 8415, 8432, 8433

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When replacing computer components, take these precautions to avoid damage from static electricity.

  • Whenever possible, use an ESD strap and an ESD mat before handling any static-sensitive devices. Ensure that the ESD strap is connected to the system frame.
  • Do not open the static-protective package containing the component until you are instructed to do so.
  • Limit your movement. Movement can cause static electricity to build up around you.
  • Always handle components carefully. Handle adapters and memory modules by the edges. Never touch any exposed circuitry.
  • Prevent others from touching the components.
  • When you are installing a new component, touch the inside of the static-protective package containing the component to a metal expansion-slot cover or other unpainted metal surface on the computer for at least two seconds. This reduces static electricity in the package and your body.
  • When possible, remove the component and install it directly in the computer without setting the component down. When this is not possible, place the static-protective package that the component came in on a smooth, level surface and place the component on it.
  • Do not place the component on the computer cover or other metal surface.

Refer to the User Guide or HMM for specific replacement procedures.
The blue color on components and labels identify touch-points where you can grip a component or move a latch.

To aid in reassembly, note all cable routing before removing a component.
Update the BIOS whenever a system board is replaced or a BIOS refresh is required.

Additional information

Hardware Maintenance Manual for 8189, 8190, 8194, 8195, 8198, 8199, 8415, 8432, and 8433 systems.

Full service video CD available from

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