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Cannot Adjust Brightness in Windows 8.1 - IdeaPad Z400


It is impossible to change the screen brightness with the hotkey (F11 and F12), or even with the slider in settings. It is happening after updating to Windows 8.1.


Affected configurations

The above symptom may occur on the following systems:
IdeaPad Z400

The above symptom may occur under the following operating system:
Microsoft Windows 8.1



Installing Intel card driver alone may already fix the issue, however, it is recommended to install the drivers stated below to ensure that we address this brightness issue in Windows 8.1.


1. Please seletct the Intel or/and Nvidia driver to install according to your machine hardware configuration.

2. The drivers provided here may not be updated as provided by Windows 8.1 but it is still working fine.

  • Alias ID: IN20131217-001
  • Document ID: HT080665
  • Last Updated :26 Mar 2014
  • (c) 2014 Lenovo