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Introduction to Lenovo Touch Control - IdeaPad

Statement Description

This article is an introduction to Lenovo Touch Control.


Affected configurations

All Idea Systems with Lenovo Touch Control



Lenovo Touch Control is the user control software for the Lenovo Touch screen. It can be used to perform common touch control tasks you need to operate the computer, such as enabling/disabling or calibrating the touch screen. If the touch screen does not react correctly it is necessary to calibrate it.

The Lenovo Touch screen supports single touch, as well as multi-touch, like rotation, zoom in and zoom out. The user can transmit coordinate information to the computer by touching the screen. The touch screen uses a pressureless touch recognition method, which, in order for you to operate the main computer, only requires you to gently touch the items on the screen with your fingers or make a simple hand gesture.

1. Single Click/Double Click
For the desired item on the touch screen, use one finger to touch it very gently one or two times, thereby performing the single click or double click operation. This is similar to the action of clicking the left mouse button.

2. Single-Finger Right Click
For the desired item on the touch screen, press and hold your finger on the screen until a circle appears. After lifting your finger from the touch screen, a menu bar will pop up.

3. Double-Finger Right Click
First use Finger 1 to point the desired item and hold it there, then use Finger 2 to touch anywhere nearby on the screen and quickly lift it up again. Through these steps you perform the double-finger right click operation.

4. Dragging Movement
First use your finger to touch the desired item on the screen and hold it there, then make a dragging movement. This is similar to the click and drag movement you can make with a mouse.

5. High Speed Slide
If you touch the screen with a single finger and slide for a short distance horizontally (about 5 cm), and then quickly lift your finger up again, this is called a High Speed Slide, and the screen will show the “Forward” or “Back” icon.

6. Rolling Movement
When you move your finger vertically (or horizontally) on the touch screen, this is called a Rolling Operation. This operation is similar to moving the scroll bar with a mouse, and produces the same results as the scroll bar interface.

7. Zoom Operation
Use two fingers to gently touch the desired item on the touch screen, and while keep touching the screen, slide to change the distance between your two fingers. By increasing (or decreasing) the distance, you can perform a zoom in (or zoom out) operation.

8. Rotation Operation
Use two fingers to lightly touch the desired item on the touch screen, then rotate in the desired direction.


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