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Information about what is and how to use USB Port Locker - IdeaPad

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Lenovo USB - Port locker - What is it for and how to use it?


Affected configurations




USB - Port locker is preloaded on Lenovo B570, B470, V570, V470 and V370.

USB - Port locker "locks" the USB port from any external USB drive at all times until you enter the password which you have set. This is to prevent unauthorized copy of data when the laptop is left unmanned.

If you have done a clean installation on the laptop, you may download the installer here.

Follow the steps provided below on how to enable Port Locker.

1. Click Start

2. Search for Port Locker

3. Open the application

4. Introduction page


5. Click Next.

6. You will be prompted to enter your "Windows login" password.

7. Click Next then it's done.

Plug-in any USB drives and you will get a prompt to enter the password.


Enter the password and press enter key and you will be able to access the USB drive.

Note that if you want to disable USB - Port Locker, you would need to uninstall the software, read those steps provided here



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