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Only 80% of the Battery is available (plugged in,not charging) - IdeaPad Z560 Laptop


When the user charges the battery of Lenovo Ideapad Z560 Laptop, it only charges up to 80%. 

If he moves the cursor over the battery icon, it will be found "80% available (Plugged In, Not Charging)".

Why doesn't it charge to 100%?


Affected configurations


The symptom above may occur to the following systems:
IdeaPad Z560 Laptop

The symptom above may occur to the following operating systems:
Microsoft Windows 7




The Z560's Lenovo Energy Management Program in Windows 7 allows users to select charging to 100% to maximize battery RUN TIME, or charging to 80% to maximize LIFETIME of the battery.  

If set to 80%, the "80% available (plugged in, not charging)" message will be displayed. This can be changed back to 100% at any time.

In other words, choose LIFETIME if you would like to charge up to only 80%. Choose RUN TIME if you would like to make it 100%.

The setting change can be done in Lenovo Energy Management.

The illustration below might be different from other Lenovo Energy Management software but will work the same way.

1. Move your mouse cursor to the bottom right of your Windows task bar and look for Lenovo Energy Management software.

 Lenovo Energy Management


2. Look for the battery setting as circled in red below.

 Lenovo Energy Management

3. Choose the Optimize for Battery Runtime in choose a battery that charges fully but may affect battery lifespan.

 Lenovo Energy Management

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