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How to Disable Auto Adjust Screen Brightness - ambient light sensor - Ideapad Y560


The brightness of the computer screen is not constant, it changes automatically even it is running on Energy Star mode on a basic setting. How should I overcome the problem by making the screen brightnes constant and only change if I remove the battery or go on AC power?

Affected Configuration

Any of the following IdeaPad system can be affected with the symptom:

  • Y560


This is a feature of the autobrightness function.

1. Open the lenovo energy management (via the battery touch sensitive button) .

2. Click on the gear icon between "i" and "?".

3. Click on smart control tab and uncheck ALS (Ambient Light Sensor)

*The settings for brightness settings for battery and A/C plugged in can be changed here (Lenovo Energy Management) for each power scheme (click on the power scheme then click on the gear on the right) and you can change the settings in there.

If you are having trouble finding the setting, try the following:-

1. Go to Intel settings.

2. Choose "basic user"

3. Click on the "power management" tab

4. Change "Plugged In" to "On Battery"

5. The option for "automatic screen brightness" should now be available.

6. Uncheck it.

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