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How to adjust speaker and microphone volume in Windows 7

Statement description

The article introduces the steps of setting microphone and speaker volume in Windows 7.


Affected configurations

The above symptom may occur on the following operating system:

Microsoft Windows 7



1. To adjust output volume, click “Speaker Icon” on the lower right corner of Taskbar and change the volume by moving the slider.



2. If step 1 doesn’t work or you want to adjust speaker volume, please operate as follows:

(1) Click “Start” button and then click “Control Panel”. See Fig.2:



(2) Click “Hardware and Sound” (View by “Category”)



(3) Click “Sound”.



(4) Right-click “Speakers” and select “Properties” under the tab of “Playback”.  



(5) In “Speakers Properties” dialogue box, click “Levels” tab, drag the slider under “Realtek HD Audio output” to adjust output sound volume and then click “OK”.



: If the speaker icon is displayed as ,  it means that the speaker is muted. You can click this icon to cancel “Mute”.

(6) In “Levels” tab, click “Balance”. Drag the slider of “Left” or “Right” to adjust volume of the left sound channel or the right channel, and then click “OK” to exit.



Note: It is recommended to move the sliders of “Left” and “Right” to the middle for balancing audio output from the right and left.


(7). To adjust microphone volume, click “Recording” tab in “Sound” dialogue box. Click “Microphone” (it is required to select microphone already connected to PC (microphone with green checkmark)), and click “Properties”.



(8). In “Microphone Properties” dialogue box, click “Levels” tab. Drag the slider under “Microphone”  to adjust speaker volume, and then click “OK”.


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