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How to transfer files between PC and micro SD - IdeaPad K1 Tablet


How to transfer files to Micro SD from normal computer? Is Synchronization Software needed?

Affected Configuration

The above symptom may occur on the following systems:

  • IdeaPad K1 Tablet


For transferring files and not installing applications, you can do it without Synchronization Software.

  1. Connect K1 to Win7 computer via the cable came with the K1 box.
  2. Windows Explorer pops up with K1 as the window path.
  3. In its window are two items: Internal Storage; SD Card
  4. You can click on whichever of those drives you want to copy to or from, and do so as you would from anywhere else in Win7
  5. Some users may not see the drives as described in step (3)
  6. They can however locate the micro SD card storage called external_sd after accessing the K1 Device Storage drive.
  7. The rest of other folders belong to internal storage.

    Figure 1

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