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Application management and settings - IdeaPad K1 Tablet

This article is an introduction to application management on IdeaPad Tablet K1


Affected Configuration
  • IdeaPad K1 Tablet



Go to Settings in the application list --> Applications, you will find the following options: Manage Applications, Running Services, Storage use, Battery use, Unknown sources


This last function unkown sources is available for developers only.

  1. Manage Applications -- easily manage and delete selected applications.

    Using the All menu, you can filter any running applications or applications provided by the third-party software developer in the applications list.

    After selecting an application, you will then be able to see its related information details, and also be able to perform functions such as Uninstall, Clear cache and Clear defaults.

  2. Running Services -- end and set some running applications.

  3. Storage Use -- view storage used by applications.

  4. Battery Use -- see what has been using the battery.

  5. Unknown Sources -- allows installation of non-Market applications.

  6. Development

This option is only available for developers. With it, you can set some of the development options available for that application.

  • USB debugging: Uses the debugging mode when connecting to USB. You can toggle between on/off.
  • Stay awake: The screen will not sleep when the battery is charged. You can toggle between on/off.
  • Allow mock locations: You can toggle between on/off.

  1. Lenovo is not responsible for any loss of, or damage to, your data. Please make sure you have duly backed up any data contained in the product/system before calling the support center or doing any suggested operation.
  2. Software support does not include:

Third-party Applications : If you need help with third-party application support, please contact the developer directly.

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  • Last Updated :24 Mar 2014
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