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Summary of changes for BIOS update - ThinkCentre M57, M57p

version 2RKT64A

  • Updates CPU microcode.

version 2RKT63A

  • Fixes where the system hang when plug AMD FirePro 2270.

version 2RKT62A

  • Fixes the Serial Port and Parallel Port are shown in the device manager after resume from S3

version 2RKT61A

  • Security update

version 2RKT60A

  • Fixes the problem where the System will not boot with an ipod attached to it.
  • Fixes the 1962 POST error issue

version 2RKT59A

  • Fixes VTD issue

version 2RKT57A

  • Adds - four displays with special video card
  • Fixes the problem where winphlash tool shows 149 error after resume from S3

version 2RKT55A

  • Fixes the problem with SCSI card
  • Adds keyboard buffer security hole

version 2RKT54A

  • Fixes the problem where WOL takes the wrong boot sequence, if entered from pop menu
  • Fixes the BitLocker 0162 error issue
  • Updates CPU thermal offset

version 2RJT53A

  • Fixes the Audio Support status in system Summary to show Audio Support [enable/disable] item
  • Fixes the problem of timeout in Finger print keyboard
  • Fixes the problem where USB HDD could not boot with fat16 format and 50M partition
  • Fixes the problem where POST shows 0135 error message

version 2RJT52A

  • Fixes the WOL hang up issue

version 2RJT51A

  • Fixes the problem where winphlash tool can flash corrupted BIOS
  • Fixes the issue where fingerprint application shows no 'power on security' item under Windows XP
  • Updates the winphlash tool to

version 2RJT50A

Temporarily removes the /MB update bootblock function

version 2RJT49A

  • Sets the default value of Power saving item to Max performance
  • Adds the solution to fix system hang issue with SOL/IDER and fingerprint Keyboard
  • Fixes the problem where /MB parameter would not update the BootBlock
  • Updates CPU OFFSET Table

version 2RJT48A

  • Adds the missed file of AMT Auto-provision
  • Adds the micro code for new CPU (M1010677.TXT, M0110676.TXT, M0110661.TXT)
  • Fixes the solution for FSR 4D Optical Mouse
  • Updates the CPU OFFSET Table

version 2RJT47A

  • Fixes a problem where the system hangs when boot with PXE after WOL
  • Adds the AMT 3.2 support
  • Adds Cardbus support

version 2RJT46A

  • Adds abort PXE function
  • Fixes the error in POST when VT-D is enabled
  • Fixes the problem where POST hangs with VT-D enable and with 8G memory
  • Fixes the problem where save and exit setup needs too much time
  • Fixes the problem where POST shows CMOS error when update WHQL TCG solution

version 2RJT45A

  • Fixes the problem where ODD cannot be detected occaionally
  • Fixes 0162 error if there is a Bitlocker in the operating system
  • Fixes the issue where WHQL TCG integrated test failed
  • Adds the onboard GBE disabled function
  • Adds the PXE enable/disable item in network menu
  • Adds the AMT auto-provision solution

version 2RKT44A

  • Fixes the WOL issue
  • Updates thermal table for Yorkfield CPU
  • Fixes the problem where the ISCSI card works abnormally

version 2RKT43A

  • Removes the wrong branch which caused ASF force boot packet not to be parsed

version 2RKT42A

  • Adds a Onboard Lan Disabled/Enabled function

version 2RKT41A

  • Fixes the problem where, when using SRCMOS.exe tool to restore CMOS map, the system displays nothing and becomes idle for 4 to 5 hours in DOS
  • Fixes the problem where the USB Card reader does not recognize the memory card in DOS
  • Fixes the problem where wrong branch causes ASF force boot packet not to get parsed

version 2RKT40A

  • Fixes the problem in system summary where the value of 'Used by devices' is the same when VGA card is plugged in or not

version 2RKT39A

  • Fixes the error "This old USB floppy device can not be detected in boot men."
  • Fixes the error "Tamper error will clear when press the power button"
  • Fixes the error "From vista enter into S3,PS2 Keyboard Numlock LED is light"
  • Fixes the error "The ATI Fire MV 2400 card have two pci devices which has same Device ID"
  • Modifies the incorrect string in SETUP

version 2RKT38A

  • Fixes the problem where "Int15 FFFF" hangs

version 2RKT37A

  • Fixes the problem where the audio support is disabled in summary menu
  • Fixes the problem where SATA ports does not support hotplug capability
  • Hides "Legacy Floppy" in boot sequence menu for Jupiter

version 2RKT36A

  • Fixes the problem where 500GB HDD could not be detected

version 2RKT35A

  • Fixes the problem where the fingerprint reader will cause POST hang when 10 pba is enrolled
  • Updates thermal solution
  • Updates the SMBIOS for 45nm processors

version 2RKT34A

  • Fixes resstmp test fail
  • Fixes intermittent spurious fan error

version 2RKT33A

  • Fixes post 1806 error with siig pci card

version 2RKT32A

  • Fixes some error in foreign-language strings
  • Fixes intermittent spurious 0135 error

version 2RKT31A

  • Hides AMT submenu if Manageability is not AMT
  • Fixes the error "Yorkfield CPU L2 cache size incorrect in POST"
  • Changes the VT default from Enabled to Disabled

version 2RKT30A

  • Fixes SOL hang at D2h

version 2RKT29A

  • Speeds up POST - Language string corrections
  • Fixes boot failure from Corsair Flash Voyager USB key
  • Corrects AC Loss behavior when accompanied by Battery Loss
  • Reinstates support for certain old USB floppy drives
  • Fixes "System hangs when changing memory"
  • Fixes hang in bootblock due to MMX registers not being enabled
  • Fixes "Loading defaults in BIOS Setup will change VA 3.0 to VA 2.6 mode"

version 2RKT28A

  • Supports the 95W Processor

version 2RKT27A

  • Fixes the 0135 error

version 2RKT26A

  • Initial Production BIOS Release

  • Alias ID: MIGR-68834
  • Document ID: HT036933
  • Last Updated :17 Jun 2014
  • (c) 2014 Lenovo