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How to uninstall Internet Explorer 7.0 on Windows XP SP2 preload.

The following steps will allow you to uninstall Internet Explorer 7 and revert back to Internet Explorer 6 on a system that was preinstalled with Windows XP SP2:

  1. Click Start then click Control panel.
  2. Double click Add or Remove Programs.
  3. In the list of installed programs, click on Windows Internet Explorer 7.
  4. Click on Remove.
  5. This will open the Internet Explorer Removal Wizard. Click Next to continue.
  6. Another dialog box will appear with the message "The following programs were installed after Internet Explorer 7", if the programs depend on Internet Explorer 7, they might not work properly after it is removed, do you want to continue?" Click Yes to uninstall Internet Explorer 7.
  7. A message will appear to restart the computer, click on Finish to restart.

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  • Last Updated :17 Jun 2014
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