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Lenovo Reach Limitations

Current Limitations

  • Windows Application
    1. On some devices, you won’t be able to use “touch scrolling” to scroll down the Policy page.  If you encounter this, you can click on the scroll bar to page down.
    2. If you don’t see your local files in “My Files”, close the application and then restart it.
    3. Application search function only displays one page of search results.
  • Android Application
    1. Single Sign On to the websites does not currently work.
    2. On some Android phones, the “Remove from Desktop” button in Application Selector does not work.  If you encounter this, you can remove the tile by “long press” or “right click” on the tile from the primary interface, and select “Remove from Desktop”.
    3. You may encounter an “EOF exception” when reselecting a file in My Files during the upload process.  If you encounter this, simply start the process again.
    4. You may be logged out of Lenovo Reach if you change the display mode while the User Policy page is shown.
    5. If you close the application while the User Policy page is shown, you may have problems logging in.  If this occurs, stop the application and launch it again.
    6. Some tiles may not be shown correctly when in landscape mode on a phone.
  • Android Browser
    1. My Files will not work properly when selecting the drives.  You should download the Android Application to perform this function.
  • All interfaces
    1. You cannot create a new tile that references a URL from “.edu”.
    2. On some devices, zoho edit is not displayed in full screen, making it difficult to view / edit the file.