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Lenovo Reach How-To

Getting Started

Thank you for your interest in Lenovo Reach.  Go to to view the latest information about Lenovo Reach.  Select the different tabs to see how this offering includes access to your cloud, anytime and anywhere, using one simple login, from your devices.


We are currently providing a Preview of this offering to select individuals.  To add your name to the list of candidates, simply click on the “SIGN UP” button and fill out the form.


We need to know your name, email and country to add you to the list.  Your email address will be used as the Lenovo Reach Preview login account and to communicate information about Lenovo Reach. The Lenovo Reach Preview will only be offered in certain countries. The plan is to extend to additional countries quickly.

Additional information, such as which devices and applications you most often use will be helpful in understanding how well Lenovo Reach will be of benefit to you.

After you provide the information and click on the Submit button, your information will be added to the list of Lenovo Reach Preview candidates. You will receive an email confirming that you’ve signed up for Lenovo Reach Preview.

When your entry has been approved, you will receive another email providing additional information on how to download and install the Lenovo Reach application and how to login to Lenovo Reach Preview.

Logging In

To start using Lenovo Reach, you’ll need to login to the interface. You’ll see a screen similar to the following. Simply type your Lenovo ID (in the form of an email address) and password, then click on the Login button.


Launching cloud services

From your desktop, click on the tile that represents the function you want to launch.  If you’ve saved your login UserID and Password, Lenovo Reach will automatically login.

Customizing your desktop

Adding tiles from Application Selector

You can add tiles to your desktop from the Application selector.  Click on the Application Selector button located in the top right of the screen. It will open a new screen where you can browse through all the predefined tiles provided by Lenovo.  You can browse based on the “New”, “Popular”, or alphabetically organized tiles. You can reduce the list by typing a search keyword or selecting a category to view. When you find a tile that you’d like to add to your desktop, simply click on it and then click on the “Add to Desktop” button.


Adding tiles from application search

Another way to add tiles to your desktop is through application search.  Click on the search button located in the top left corner of the desktop. It will open a new screen. As you start typing in a keyword, a list of tiles will be displayed. To add a tile from this interface, simply click on the tile and then click on the “Add to Desktop” button.


Adding a custom tile

Lenovo includes many of the most popular tiles in Application Selector.  If you wish to add a tile that does not exist in the current list of tiles, you can create a custom tile by long press (or right mouse click) on an empty area of the desktop and then click on the “Add Tile” option. Type in the website (URL) and the name you’d like to use as a reference, click “Add a Password” if you’d like Lenovo Reach to save the associated User ID and Password, then click save. If the website has a site image, it will automatically be shown inside the tile.


Changing the wallpaper

To change the wallpaper from a list of predefined images, long press (or right mouse click) on an empty area of the desktop and then click on the “Options” button. Click on the “Wallpaper” option an then select from the set of images provided.

Changing the tile size

To change the size of the tiles on your desktop, long press (or right mouse click) on an empty area of the desktop and then click on the “Options” button. Click on the “Tile Size” option an then select which tile size you’d prefer.


My Files

You can use “My Files” tile to interact with your files that are located on your device or in cloud storage. The currently supported cloud storage provider is SugarSync. 


There are three different “views”;

  • Standard View – where each folder / file is a large tile,
  • Details View – where each folder / file is a row in a table, and
  • List View – where each folder / file is a smaller tile.


File operations

By long pressing (or right mouse clicking) on a file, the operations shown below may be supported:


Edit with…

There are two methods of editing a file; Zoho or Local Edit. Zoho is a cloud based editor of office documents. This is particularly useful if you don’t have a local application that supports these types of files. Local Edit will download the file and open a local application that supports the type of file. It’s possible that there are no apps on your device that can edit the file. When the file is saved using Zoho or Local Application, the file will be saved to the original location.

Providing Feedback

We are always interested in suggestions for future improvement. Click on the “Suggestions” tile to submit new ideas as well as vote on ideas that other people have submitted.

Additional Information

The following links can provide additional information about Lenovo Reach: