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Diagnose and Fix

  1. How to use “Solutions for your selected products"?
  2. How to find solutions by symptoms?
  3. What is Lenovo assisted search?
  4. I still can't find my solution, how?

How to use “Solutions for your selected products"?

1] Go to and click on “DIAGNOSE & FIX

2] Click on “Select Product” to identify your product

Tips: You can choose either step-by-step product selector or “Quick Path” to identify your product.

To use step-by-step product selector:

Step 1: Choose the type of product (Laptop & Tablet, Desktop & All-in-One etc.)

Step 2: Choose the series of your product

Step 3: Choose the subseries of your product (For example, T410)

Step 4: Choose your machine type of your product.
If you do not know your machine type number or your machine type number is not listed, then you can choose “All Machine Type

Tips: Most of the documents do not require machine type number. To get your support, you can click “Submit” button after you selected your subseries.

Step 5: Choose your model code of your product.
If you do not know your model code or your model is not listed, then you can choose “All Models

Step 6: Choose your operating system of your product. After you choose your operating system, the product selector will automatically load your selected product.

To use “Quick Path”

If you already know your Subseries or Machine-Type-Model (MTM), you can type the subseries or MTM into the box next to Quick Path, and then click


3] Scroll down till you see “Let me browse solutions”. Click on “Solutions for your selected product (Formerly known as Hints and Tips)

4] A list of categories will appear as shown in the screenshot below. Click on the category of your choice to see the solutions offered.

How to find solutions by symptoms?

Option 1
You may go to Diagnose and Fix page, and click “Solutions by Symptom” under “Let me browse solutions

Option 2

1] Go to Scroll down and click on “SOLUTIONS BY SYMPTOMS” under “Additional Resources

2] Choose the brand of your product

3] You may choose the symptoms from the drop down list of "Solutions by Symptoms" or click on the respective title for suggested solutions.
What is Lenovo Assisted Search?
Lenovo Assisted Search is a tool created by Lenovo to assist users in obtaining solutions easily.
Option 1
1] Go direct to Lenovo Assisted Search page
Option 2

1] Go to and click on either one of the options as highlighted in yellow shown in the screenshot below:

2] Choose your product’s brand.

3] Users can find for their solutions through the 3 ways shown below:

4] Vote and let us know your thoughts on the solutions to serve you better in future.

I still can't find my solution, how?
If all the above are unable to solve your issue, you may contact the support center to log a case or you can drop an email.

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