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      Перевірка гарантії

      Lenovo Product Warranty Plans

      Experience the peace of mind that you receive with a Lenovo extended warranty and protection plan.

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      Перевірка статусу гарантії

      Перевірка гарантії

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      Гарантійний термін зберігання Мережа

      Options warranty:
      Except as stated otherwise, all Lenovo Options are warranted for one year limited warranty. Any Lenovo Option, such as a memory DIMM or HDD, installed in a Lenovo machine shall either 1) adopt the Machine’s warranty as stated in the Statement of Limited Warranty or 2) be warranted for one year from purchase date, whichever is longer. Lenovo warranty for solid state storage devices (SSD) options shall be limited to SSDs that have not reached the maximum guaranteed amount of data, as documented in the Official Published Specifications. For more information or to view the Statement of Limited Warranty, click here.