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An introduction to Lenovo Energy Management 6.0


Comparing with the previous versions, Lenovo Energy Management 6.0 has been improved with the following new features:

1. Add “Battery Level” in Battery Information.

2. Redefine “Battery Health”.

    (1) Change limited capacity of “Best battery heath” to 45%~50% from 80%;

    (2) Detect battery status by hardware automatically;

    (3) Pop up a hint box to suggest users to switch the mode;

3. Add hint when using unauthorized battery.

4. Remove the scheme of “Power Saver”.

5. Remove “Advanced Settings” of “Super Energy Saver”.


This article focuses on the introduction of the interface and function settings of Lenovo Energy Management 6.0, aiming at helping user to better use it.



The above symptom may occur on the following systems:

All Idea Laptops


On the following software:

Lenovo Energy Management 6.0






1. User interface of Lenovo Energy Management 6.0.




A: About;     

B: Current Scheme;

C: Battery Status;

D: Battery Health;

E: Settings

F: Help;

G: Advanced Features;

H: Battery Information;

I: Four Schemes: Energy Star /High Performance /Balanced/ Super Energy Saver;

J: Battery Capacity.


2. How to set energy management and view status or information.

    (1)Click “Energy Management” (designated as “A” in Fig.1) to get the basic information of Lenovo Energy Management 6.0. View Fig.2. 




    (2) Click the button designated as “E” in Fig.1 to set energy management. There are two options. Click “Display” and “System” to set accordingly. View Fig.3 and Fig.4. 






    (3) Click the button designated as “G” in Fig.1 to set the advanced features. There are three options: “Battery Health”, “Smart Power-saving” and “Smart Sensing”.

         a. Click “Battery Health” to set battery using mode. Select “Optimize For Battery Runtime” or “Best Battery Health” accordingly. View Fig.5 and Fig.6.






In this mode shown in Fig.6, the charge capacity is limited under 45%~50%.

         b. Click “Smart Power-saving”, select the options accordingly.



          c. Click “Smart sensing”, select accordingly.



    (4) Click the button designated as “H” in Fig.1 to get battery information. Battery level describes the current battery health status. View Fig.9. 



If an unauthorized battery is plugged in, following message will be shown. 




3. FAQ

Q: Why does the capacity of battery maintain 50% during the later stage of charging?

A: It is because that the health mode of “Best Battery Mode” is selected. In this mode shown in Fig.6, the charge capacity is limited under 45%~50%. If you want to switch to another mode, click the icon of Energy Management -> Click the icon for Advanced Features -> Battery Health -> Optimize For Battery Runtime -> Apply -> OK.

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