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512MB 800MHz ECC Rambus Memory Upgrade - Overview

At a glance

The 512MB PC800 16D ECC RDRAM RIMM memory upgrade features:

  • Fast access time -- synchronous to the Rambus channel's clock
  • 184-pin RIMM with gold-plated leads
  • Guaranteed compatibility on systems shown in the hardware requirements

Improve the performance capability of your selected NetVista A60, NetVista A60i, IntelliStation M Pro and Z Pro systems with the new 512MB PC800 Rambus DRAM (RDRAM) RIMM memory upgrade. The Rambus function enables faster performance than either fast page mode (FPM), hyper-page mode (EDO), or the more recent Synchronous DRAM (SDRAM) mode memory.

This offering lets you upgrade standard system memory and take advantage of the latest operating systems and applications. Adding additional memory is a cost-effective way to help optimize your system's performance.

To optimize the performance of the Rambus technology, there is a limitation of 32 devices on a particular channel. The product states the number of devices in each RIMM with a number followed by the character "D". The Rambus signal channel is a high-quality terminated transmission line as contrasted with memory buses used in previous technologies. Memory sockets that are not occupied with RIMMs must be populated with 'jumper' cards in order for the signals in the channel to be properly terminated.

The 512MB PC800 16D ECC RDRAM RIMM memory upgrade meets or exceeds reliability standards for memory products.

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3 year limited: Customer carry-in exchange


You will receive one box containing the following items:

  • 512MB PC800 16D ECC RDRAM RIMM memory upgrade
  • Publication
  • Minimum BIOS level flyer

Product marketing and replacement part numbers (FRU)


512MB 800MHz ECC 16D RDRAM RIMM Memory Upgrade

  • Marketing part number: (33L3254)
  • Replacement part number: (33L3255)

Product dates


  • Announce date: 24 Apr 2001
  • Planned availability date: Second Quarter 2001
  • Withdrawal date: 10 Sep 2002

Technical specifications

Performance specifications as known at time of announcement

  • 256Mb Technology
  • 800MHz Rambus operation
  • ECC function organized as 64M x 72
  • Serial presence detect/decode
  • 184-pin, 1mm pin spacing
  • 2.5 Volt supply
  • Gold-plated contacts
  • RIMM built with 16 RDRAMs using Chip Scale Package (CSP) with metal covers to protect the RDRAM devices and act as a heat sink

Physical, environmental, and compatibility specifications as known at time of announcement


  • inches: 1.25
  • mm: 31.75
  • inches: 5.25
  • mm: 133.35
  • inches: 0.29
  • mm: 7.4

Operating temperature

  • Between 10 degrees celsius and 35 degrees celsius
  • Between 50 degrees fahrenheit and 95 degrees fahrenheit

Relative humidity

  • Operating: 80%

Hardware requirements
The 512MB PC800 16D ECC RDRAM RIMM Memory Upgrade is supported on the following systems:

System NameMachine TypeModels
NetVista A606833*, 6838All, in pairs
NetVista A60i6832*, 6848All, in pairs
IntelliStation M Pro6849, 6868All, in pairs
IntelliStation Z Pro6866**All, in pairs

* 1.5GB Maximum

** The amount of system memory available with 4GB installed will depend on what adapters are installed in the system. The 840 chipset supports up to 4GB of memory, however, the X86 architecture has various memory mapped I/O and non-system memory required by PCI adapters at the high end of this address range. This will truncate the system memory by amount of memory required by system flash and PCI adapters installed.

Hardware requirements for other systems
The 512MB PC800 16D ECC RDRAM RIMM Memory Upgrade is supported on systems that support industry standard RAMBUS to the PC800 specification.

Older systems will require a BIOS update to recognize this product. Refer to the flyer included with the product for the minimum BIOS level required for your specific system. Indicated IntelliStation M Pro and Z Pro models must be upgraded with pairs (two at a time, same speed, capacity and technology) of RIMMs. System board memory sockets must be populated with jumper boards, if a RIMM is not present, in order for the signals on the memory channel to be properly terminated.

Some configurations may not be supported.

Installation time

Approximately five minutes (30 minutes if BIOS needs to be updated)

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