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G580/G480/G485/G585 Cannot access BIOS


Customer installed Windows 7 64-bit and drivers. After the installation of intel hd graphics driver and laptop restart, Windows is unable to start normally. Windows will try to start the automatic startup recovery program (which is recommended by default). But this program will fail in resolving the problem. When Windows tries to start normally, it result in a blue screen. After windows restart, the boot menu is not showing through F12 key. F2 key for BIOS access is also not working.


Affected configurations

The symptom above may occur to the following systems:

G480/G580/G485/G585 without pre-installed OS



1. Try to remove the hard disk and do a reset by draining the power (press power button for 10 seconds without battery and AC adapter).
2. Try to enter bios using F2 key.

If you are successful in entering the bios, Load up Bios default settings by F8 key within BIOS. Connect the Hard drive back and check again if you are able to access BIOS by pressing F2 key.

If the steps above didn't fix the issue, Bios will need to be re-flashed.


  • Alias ID: IN20121112-001
  • Document ID: HT075709
  • Last Updated :26 Mar 2014
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