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ThinkPlus EasyServ repair information - ThinkPad


ThinkPlus EasyServ provides a convenient courier pickup and delivery warranty service in which ThinkPad systems will be picked up at the customer's location, repaired at an designated repair facility, and returned to the customer at no extra charge during the standard warranty period. All pickup and return charges for the Lenovo designated courier service will be paid by Lenovo.

Supported products

Any ThinkPad system.


  • This service is available only in the United States and Canada. In certain remote locations in Canada, ThinkPlus EasyServ may not be available.
  • Non-Lenovo products installed in a ThinkPad system during warranty will not be serviced.


During the standard warranty period, ThinkPad products are eligible for warranty repair via ThinkPlus EasyServ. ThinkPlus EasyServ is a courier repair service by which the ThinkPad system will be picked up at the customer's location and delivered to a designated repair location. The repair location will repair the system and return it to the customer. Charges for the courier service will be paid by Lenovo. Warranty provisions of the specific ThinkPad product will apply.

If warranty service is required, the customer should call the Support Center. In the United States call 800-426-7378, for Canada call 1-800-565-3344. The Support Center will assist the user with problem determination for both hardware and preloaded software. Should a hardware problem be identified, the Support Center will courier a shipping box to the customer's location. The customer is responsible for packing their machine and contacting the courier service used by Lenovo to arrange for pickup.

Customers should allow a minimum of one day for delivery of packaging and on average 4 business days for pickup, repair, and return of their ThinkPad product should ThinkPlus EasyServ be used for warranty service. Access to ThinkPlus EasyServ warranty service will be provided by the Support Center 7 days per week, 24 hours per day, excluding statutory holidays.

Checking your ThinkPlus EasyServ request status

Click here to check the status of your ThinkPlus EasyServ request.


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  • Last Updated :17 Jun 2014
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