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Upgrade Warranty

What is Warranty Upgrade and Warranty Extension?
  • Warranty Upgrade
    - Allows you to vary the response time and level of service of your initial base warranty.
    - Can only be purchased before base warranty expires.
    - Coverage duration starts from the system's base warranty start date

  • Warranty Extension
    - Available for periods of up to five years, depending on your system, giving you a fixed-term, fixed-cost service solution.
    - Can be purchased before or after base warranty expires.
    - Coverage duration starts from the warranty extension purchase date
Buy Warranty Upgrades or Extensions online
This service is only available in the countries below:
· Australia
· Austria
· Canada (English)
· Canada (French)
· Denmark
· France
· Germany
· Hong Kong
· Ireland
· Japan
· Netherlands
· New Zealand
· Sweden
· Switzerland (German)
· Switzerland (French)
· United Kingdom
· United States
Call our support centre to purchase a Warranty Upgrade or Extension
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