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Intel wireless 2200bg and 2915abg upgrade and installation problems - ThinkPad


When installing or upgrading the Intel wireless drivers either with the driver package from the web or using Software Installer, the driver installation process may encounter an error, and leave the system in a failing state. The potential problems observed may include any of the following:

  • Windows / Access Connections report the wireless radio is off, even though it is turned on. The system halts at this error message and will not begin the connection process.
  • Windows / Access Connections will pop-up an error message reporting that the driver is unable to communicate with the power management driver, and recommends installing a compatible version of the driver.
  • All attempts to connect to a wireless Access Point using either Windows or Access Connection will always result in a failure to connect to the Access Point
Affected configuration
Any Thinkpad system with an Intel 2200bg or 2915abg wireless adapter may be affected by this symptom.


Intel is investigating the cause of the issue. The failure is caused by the driver being improperly installed, or an error during the upgrade process of a previous driver installation. To resolve this issue:

  1. Using Add / Remove programs, uninstall any entry for Intel PRO/Wireless software.
  2. Using Add / Remove programs, uninstall any entry for Intel Sebring.
  3. If your system has a C:\DRIVERS folder, rename the folder to C:\DRIVER_BACKUP (This prevents Windows from auto-detecting and re-installing an older version of the driver).
  4. Restart your computer. If the Found New Hardware wizard opens, click the Cancel button.
  5. Browse to the folder you have extraced the latest Intel wireless driver, and launch SETUP.EXE.
    Note: Click here to download the latest driver.
  6. Choose the option to Install if it's present, or Modify otherwise.
  7. When given a selection for what particular software to install, select to install both the wireless LAN driver, and the Intel PRO/Wireless applications.
  8. Allow the setup process to complete, and reboot.
  9. Rename C:\DRIVERS_BACKUP to C:\DRIVERS (To restore the system to it's original state).
Additional information

This process will resolve most problems with the Intel upgrade / installation process. However, if you find that it does not resolve your issue then please call the Support Center and reference this tip. Inform the Support Center to check internal document ID, MIGR-60930. This document contains instructions and a utility to help clear old versions of the driver off of the system.

Note: Click here for local Support Center contact information.

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