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Lenovo Linux 진단 (SUSE Linux 64-bit) - 데스크탑, 노트북, 워크스테이션

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Lenovo Linux Diagnostics for SUSE Linux (64-bit)

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Linux (Red Hat / SUSE)
README for Lenovo Linux Diagnostics for SUSE Linux (64-bit)

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Linux (Red Hat / SUSE)

Lenovo Linux Diagnostics is a diagnostic tool that tests the memory and hard drives in Lenovo ThinkPad, ThinkCentre and ThinkStation on Linux.

Supported Systems
  • ThinkCentre
    • Edge62z, Edge71, Edge71z, Edge72, Edge72z, Edge91, Edge91z, Edge92, Edge92z, E93, E93z
    • M60e, M71e, M72e, M75e, M76, M77, M78, M81, M82, M83, M91, M91p, M92, M93
    • M62z, M71z, M72z, M90z, M92z
  • ThinkStation
    • C20, C20x, C30
    • D20, D30
    • E30, E31
    • S20, S30
  • ThinkPad
    • Edge E120, Edge E125, Edge E130, Edge E135
    • Edge E220s, Edge E320, Edge E325, Edge E330, Edge E335
    • Edge E420, Edge E420s, Edge E425, Edge E430, Edge E430c, Edge E431, Edge E430c, Edge E435
    • Edge E520, Edge E525, Edge E530, Edge E531, Edge E530c, Edge E535, Edge L330
    • Helix
    • L420, L430, L520, L530
    • S220, S420, S430, S431, S440, S531
    • Twist S230u
    • T420, T420s, T430, T430s, T430u, T431s, T440s, T520, T530
    • W520, W530
    • X1, X1 Carbon (Type 20A7, 20A8), X1 Carbon (Type 34xx)
    • X121e, X130e, X131e
    • X220, X220 Tablet, X230, X230s, X230 Tablet, X240s
  • Lenovo Essential
    • B475e, B480, B490, B575e, B580, B590
    • E49, K29, K49, K4450
    • G400, G400s, G405, G480, G485, G580, G500, G500s, G505, G585, G780
    • M490, M490s, M495, M4400s
    • V480, V480s, V480c, V490u, V580, V580c
Supported Operating Systems
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 (64-bit)
Downloading the installation file
  1. Click the file links to download the files from the Web page.
  2. When prompted, select a drive and directory in which to save the downloaded files.
Installing the file

In the command line to install for 64 bits, execute as sudo:
rpm -i suse-x64-3104738.rpm

Choose the language you wish to install when the dialog pops up

Launch the file

To run graphical interface, run lsc_lite using the command line:
xhost + cd /opt/lenovo/ldiag
sudo DISPLAY=:0 ./lsc_lite

To run diagnostics through command line, go to the folder /opt/lenovo/ldiag on the terminal and either execute:

  1. To run memory diagnostic: sudo lsc_cli -Mmemory
  2. To run storage diagnostic: sudo lsc_cli -Mstorage
  3. To run RAID diagnostic: sudo lsc_cli –Mraid
  4. To run PCI-Express diagnostic: sudo lsc_cli –Mpci_express
  5. To run motherboard diagnostic: sudo lsc_cli –Mmotherboard
  6. To run recover bad sectors tool, use:
    • 6.1. sudo lsc_cli –Mstorage –Trecover –s (to perform scan only)
    • 6.2. sudo lsc_cli –Mstorage –Trecover –r (to scan and repair)
    • 6.3. sudo lsc_cli –Mstorage –Trecover –f C F (to scan and repair partitions C and F)
    • 6.4. sudo lsc_cli –Mstorage –Trecover –f 0 (to scan and repair all partitions from device 0)
Uninstalling the file

To uninstall the package, run the following command on the command line:
sudo rpm –e ldiag-


To upgrade an older x64 package to current, run the following command on the command line:
sudo rpm –U suse-x64-3104738.rpm

  • SATA Controller Mode needs to be set to AHCI in system BIOS if the system doesn't use UEFI BIOS.
  • Command window size has to be at least 115 x 27 to launch the application.
Open source code