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태블릿 (IdeaTab / IdeaPad) 지원 비디오 인덱스 페이지

Suggested Keywords :
WiFi | Security | Unlock | Account | APPs | Transfer | Email | Recovery | Hard Reset | Setting | OTA | Power | 3G | SIM | APN | Customize | Widget |
Suggested Keywords :
WiFi | Security | Unlock | Account | APPs | Transfer | Email | System | Recovery | Hard Reset | Setting | OTA | Customize | Widget |


사용방법 비디오 - 모든 제품

K1 바로가기 추가 & 삭제 IdeaPad K1 s`IdeaPadK1|shortcut, shortcuts, home screen, drag, remove, only, K1|o`Android3.0
A1-07 기본 검색 IdeaPad A1-07 s`IdeaPadA1-07|basic, navigate, navigation, icon, next, tab, apps, switch, desk, A1-07|o`Android2.3
S2109A 기본 검색 IdeaTab S2109A s`IdeaTabS2109A|navigation, home, screen, swipe, back, icon, recent, alerts, quick, setting, all, apps, search, area, notification, S2109A|o`Android4.0.3
A1-07 배경화면 변경 IdeaPad A1-07 s`IdeaPadA1-07|individual, customize, change, wallpaper, desk, A1-07|o`Android2.3
A1-07 Wi-Fi 연결 IdeaPad A1-07 s`IdeaPadA1-07|connect, connection, wifi, internet, available network, wireless, A1-07|o`Android2.3
K1 Wi-Fi 연결 IdeaPad K1 s`IdeaPadK1|wireless, network, wifi, wi-fi, connect, connection, switch, K1|o`Android3.0
Wi-Fi 연결 IdeaTab S2109A, IdeaTab S2110A, IdeaTab A2109A, IdeaTab A2107A s`IdeaTabS2109A,s`IdeaTabS2110A,s`IdeaTabA2109A,s`IdeaTabA2107A|connect, connection, wifi, internet, available, network, automatically, browse, browser, bookmark, wireless, S2110A, A2109A, A2107A|o`Android4.0.3,o`Android4.0.4
홈 화면 위젯 (home screen widgets) 사용자 정의 & 사용 IdeaTab S2110A, IdeaTab A2109A, IdeaTab A2107A s`IdeaTabS2110A,s`IdeaTabA2109A,s`IdeaTabA2107A|customize, screen, widget, add, app, tap, images, background, empty, screen, S2110A, A2109A, A2107A|o`Android4.0.3,o`Android4.0.4
A1-07 앱 바로가기 사용자 정의 IdeaPad A1-07 s`IdeaPadA1-07|android, apps, application, app, shortcut, widget, remove, add, delete, A1-07|o`Android2.3
홈 화면, 앱, 위젯 사용자 정의 IdeaTab S2109A, IdeaTab S2110A, IdeaTab A2109A, IdeaTab A2107A s`IdeaTabS2109A,s`IdeaTabS2110A,s`IdeaTabA2109A,s`IdeaTabA2107A|home, screen, change, background, apps, widgets, folder, remove, add, apps, all, customize, widget, S2109A, S2110A, A2109A, A2107A|o`Android4.0.3,o`Android4.0.4
A1-07 Launch Zone(런치 존) 사용자 정의 IdeaPad A1-07 s`IdeaPadA1-07|launch, zone, setting, customize, color, transparency, add, application, apps, app, applications, A1-07 |o`Android2.3
S2109A 태블릿 살펴보기 IdeaTab S2109A s`IdeaTabS2109A|volume, power, button, headphone, jack, camera, adaption, microphone, micro, USB, HDMI, SD, card reader, extra, storage, connect, TV, PC, speakers, S2109A|o`Android4.0.3
A1-07 A1 시작하기 및 알아보기 IdeaPad A1-07 s`IdeaPadA1-07|explore, power, button, initial, microphone, jack, headphone, lock, unlock, volume, tab, SD, A1-07|o`Android2.3
A1-07 초기 설정 IdeaPad A1-07 s`IdeaPadA1-07|setup, set-up, power, button, wifi, setting, tab, password, network, google, account, preference, informatin, confirmation, A1-07|o`Android2.3
K1 초기 설정 IdeaPad K1 s`IdeaPadK1|setup, set-up, restart, new, language, time, K1|o`Android3.0
S2109A 초기 설정 IdeaTab S2109A s`IdeaTabS2109A|select, language, wifi, network, password, dictionaries, set, data, time, S2109A|o`Android4.0.3
A1-07 안드로이드 마켓에서 앱 설치 IdeaPad A1-07 s`IdeaPadA1-07|install, apps, android, top, market, shop, search, free, download, accept, A1-07|o`Android2.3
K1 안드로이드 마켓에서 앱 설치 IdeaPad K1 s`IdeaPadK1|apps, market, app, install, details, download, ok, tab, notification, message, K1|o`Android3.0
S2110A 키보드 도크 설명 & 사용 IdeaTab S2110A s`IdeaTabS2110A|keyboard, dock, USB, ports, SD, reader, battery, extended, led color, power, recharge, touchpad, insert, S2110A|o`Android4.0.3
A1-07 Launch Zone(런치 존) 위젯 IdeaPad A1-07 s`IdeaPadA1-07|app, customize, photography, movie, email, message, read, A1-07|o`Android2.3
K1 Launch Zone(런치 존) 위젯 IdeaPad K1 s`IdeaPadK1|launch, zone, widget, quickly, reach, app, customize, photography, movie, email, message, read, K1|o`Android3.0
인터페이스에서 앱 관리 IdeaTab S2110A, IdeaTab A2109A, IdeaTab A2107A s`IdeaTabS2110A,s`IdeaTabA2109A,s`IdeaTabA2107A|Android, application, apps, interface, manage, remove, add, app, widget, folder, delete, S2110A, A2109A, A2107A|o`Android4.0.3,o`Android4.0.4
태블릿 보안 & 구글 계정으로 자금 해제 IdeaTab S2109A, IdeaTab S2110A, IdeaTab A2109A, IdeaTab A2107A s`IdeaTabS2109A,s`IdeaTabS2110A,s`IdeaTabA2109A,s`IdeaTabA2107A|secure, security, screen, lock, unlock, password, pattern, google, account, forget, password, S2109A, S2110A, A2109A, A2107A|o`Android4.0.3,o`Android4.0.4
S2110A 태블릿 & 얼굴을 이용한 잠금 해제 IdeaTab S2110A s`IdeaTabS2110A|secure, security, face, unlock, lock, Face Unlock, password, S2110A|o`Android4.0.3
K1 태블릿 보안 IdeaPad K1 s`IdeaPadK1|setting, location, security, password, pattern, drop, K1, unlock|o`Android3.0
A1-07 태블릿 보안 IdeaPad A1-07 s`IdeaPadA1-07|secure, security, screen, password, lock, unlock, pattern, forget, password, A1-07|o`Android2.3
K1 이메일 계정 설정 IdeaPad K1 s`IdeaPadK1|setting, email, home, screen, password, account, app, set, name, K1|o`Android3.0
K1 구글 계정 설정 IdeaPad K1 s`IdeaPadK1|set, setting, google, account, email, wifi, connect, K1|o`Android3.0
이메일 계정 설정 IdeaTab S2109A, IdeaTab S2110A, IdeaTab A2109A, IdeaTab A2107A s`IdeaTabS2109A,s`IdeaTabS2110A,s`IdeaTabA2109A,s`IdeaTabA2107A|account, sync, google account, username, password, google account, backup, restore, email, S2109A, S2110A, A2109A, A2107A |o`Android4.0.3,o`Android4.0.4
A1-07 구글 계정 설정 IdeaPad A1-07 s`IdeaPadA1-07|google, account, setup, add, information, Android, username, password, new, existing, automatically, A1-07|o`Android2.3
구글 계정 설정 IdeaTab S2109A, IdeaTab S2110A, IdeaTab A2109A, IdeaTab A2107A s`IdeaTabS2109A,s`IdeaTabS2110A,s`IdeaTabA2109A,s`IdeaTabA2107A|google, account, setup, add, information, Android, username, password, new, existing, automatically, S2109A, S2110A, A2109A, A2107A|o`Android4.0.3,o`Android4.0.4
A1-07 PC와 동기화(Synchronization) IdeaPad A1-07 s`IdeaPadA1-07|connect, synchronization, software, application, USB, PC, device, manager, uninstall, data, information, files, A1-07|o`Android2.3
K1 시스템 업데이트 IdeaPad K1 s`IdeaPadK1|notification, system, update, setting, wifi, K1, recovery, OTA|o`Android3.0
시스템 업데이트 IdeaTab S2109A, IdeaTab S2110A, IdeaTab A2109A, IdeaTab A2107A s`IdeaTabS2109A,s`IdeaTabS2110A,s`IdeaTabA2109A,s`IdeaTabA2107A|system, upgrade, updata, android, reset, setup, restore, files, personal, storage, PC, version, setting, OTA, S2109A, S2110A, A2109A, A2107A|o`Android4.0.3,o`Android4.0.4
PC와의 데이터 전송 IdeaTab S2109A, IdeaTab S2110A, IdeaTab A2109A, IdeaTab A2107A s`IdeaTabS2109A,s`IdeaTabS2110A,s`IdeaTabA2109A,s`IdeaTabA2107A|data, files, pc, data, USB, micro, port, copy, S2109A, S2110A, A2109A, A2107A, transfer|o`Android4.0.3,o`Android4.0.4
A1-07 앱 제거하기 IdeaPad A1-07 s`IdeaPadA1-07|uninstall, application, management, apps, select, cancel, A1-07|o`Android2.3
K1 앱 제거하기 IdeaPad K1 s`IdeaPadK1|icon, management, uninstall, ok, apps, page, application, drag, K1|o`Android3.0
A1-07 화면 잠금 해제 IdeaPad A1-07 s`IdeaPadA1-07|unlock, tab, right, slide, A1-07|o`Android2.3
K1 캘린더 사용하기 IdeaPad K1 s`IdeaPadK1|calendar, week, month, date, time, event, check, eamil, address, K1|o`Android3.0
K1 태블릿 사용하기 IdeaPad K1 s`IdeaPadK1|tablet, home, screen, navigation, slide, start, application, back, icon, icon, recent, apps, K1 |o`Android3.0
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문제 해결 비디오 - 모든 제품

A1-07 충전 후 전원이 켜지지 않는 경우 IdeaPad A1-07 s`IdeaPadA1-07|charge, power, on, force, reboot, button, press, recovery, mode, volume, down, restore, factory, setting, data, wipe, A1-07|o`Android2.3
A2107A APN 구성 후 3G 연결이 되지 않는 경우 IdeaTab A2107A s`IdeaTabA2107A|connect, internet, 3G, SIM, card, slot, setting, wireless, network, management, default, data, connection, APN, A2107A|o`Android4.0.3
A2107A 태블릿이 시작되지 않는 경우 IdeaTab A2107A s`IdeaTabA2107A|not, start, respond, cover, remove, reset, button, power, press, android, system, recover, restart, A2107A|o`Android4.0.3
K1 Accu Weather 앱 이슈 IdeaPad K1 s`IdeaPadK1|accweather, widget, weather, trashcan, plus, sign, app, home, button, check, K1|o`Android3.0
A2107A 안드로이드 시스템 복구 - 하드 리셋 IdeaTab A2107A s`IdeaTabA2107A|Android, system, recovery, apps, reset, setup, initial, hard, reset, restart, storage, data,A2107A, information |o`Android4.0.3
안드로이드 시스템 복구 - 하드 리셋 IdeaTab S2110A, IdeaTab A2109A s`IdeaTabS2110A,s`IdeaTabA2109A|Android, system, recovery, apps, reset, setup, initial, hard, reset, restart, storage, data, information, S2110A,A2109A|o`Android4.0.3,o`Android4.0.4
공장초기화 IdeaTab S2109A, IdeaTab S2110A, IdeaTab A2109A, IdeaTab A2107A s`IdeaTabS2109A,s`IdeaTabS2110A,s`IdeaTabA2109A,s`IdeaTabA2107A|android, factory, system, restore, recovery, restart, hard, software, original, version, setting, erase, copy, reset, backup, ports, S2109A, S2110A, A2109A, A2107A|o`Android4.0.3,o`Android4.0.4
K1 PC에서의 동기화 이슈 IdeaPad K1 s`IdeaPadK1|can, not, connect, synchronization, software, application, development, USB, debugging, PC, device, manager, portable, uninstall, ADB, K1|o`Android3.0
K1 스위치가 켜지지 않는 경우 IdeaPad K1 s`IdeaPadK1|can, not, switch, on, battery, turn, off, recharge, press, power, button, out of charge, K1|o`Android3.0
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