Troubleshooting by topic - ThinkPad
Troubleshooting issues

Choose a category to begin troubleshooting. If you do not see your topic, then visit Troubleshooting by symptom, or try searching support.

· Accessories
· Audio
· Battery
· Bluetooth
· CD and DVD drives
· Docking station
· Ethernet networking
· Fingerprint reader
· Hard drive
· Keyboard (Internal or external)
· Lock-ups or hangs
· Memory
· Modem
· Mouse, TrackPoint, or UltraNav
· Power
· Power management
· Projectors
· ThinkVantage Client Security Solution
· ThinkVantage Rescue and Recovery
· Video (Display, monitor, or TV)
· Viruses, worms, or spyware
· Wireless networking


Did you know?
ThinkVantage button
Access IBM button
ThinkPad button
You can access troubleshooting tools and system information similar to a User's Guide (without being connected to the Internet) by pressing the ThinkVantage button, blue Access IBM button, or the ThinkPad button at the top left of your keyboard (depending on your system).


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