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No audio output from external monitor on Lenovo G460


When connecting a Windows XP preinstalled G460 to a TV with HDMI, there is only video displyed on the TV, no audio output.


The above symptom may occur on the following system:

Lenovo G460

Under the following operating system:

Microsoft Windows XP


HDMI can output both sound and video singnal to external device, therefore, when connected with HDMI, external device (such as TV) is able to output both sound and video. However, Windows XP cannot automatically switch the default device from "Conexant HD Audio output" to "VNIDIA High Definition Audio" as Windows 7. Thus, mannual set up is needed for Windows XP. You can refer to the following steps:

1. Go to "Start" --> "Control Panel" -->"Sounds and Audio Devices", double- click "Sounds and Audio Devices" --> click the "Audio" tag under "Sounds and Audio Devices Properties".

2. Modify the "Default device" from "Conexant HD Audio output" to "NVIDIA High Definition Audio" under "Sound playback". (The "Nvdia High Definition Audio" option is only available when machine, HDMI and TV are connected to each other).



You will also need to check and make sure that the speaker volume of TV is not muted.

If there are several HDMI ports, please check to make sure that correct ports are used.


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