ThinkPad SL 320GB 5400 rpm Serial ATA Hard Drive - Overview

Serial ATA Hard Drive

Features and specifications

The ThinkPad SL 320GB 5400 rpm Serial ATA Hard Drive (43N3405) offers:

  • Serial ATA (SATA) interface conforming to SATA/High Speed Serialized AT Attachment
  • Low power consumption
  • Quiet operation, revolving voice coil motor
  • State-of-the-art cache and error-correction algorithms
  • Full-track multiple-sector transfer without local processor intervention
  • Non-operating shock at 900 G; operating shock at 325 G
  • Operating system independent, no OS drivers


1 year - Customer Replacement Unit (CRU) Service

  • Announce date: 15 Jul 2008 (Worldwide)
  • Planned availability date: 15 Jul 2008 (Worldwide)
  • Discontinued, withdrawn from marketing: Dec 2009

Hardware compatibility
Machine Type - Models
ThinkPad SL400, SL500

  • ThinkPad SL 320GB 5400 rpm Serial ATA hard drive assembly
  • Publications

Agency approvals

Continuous use Serial ATA hard drives, as in reading long video files, impacts battery life.

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