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Expired Docking Stations and Port Replicators
Product nameField replacement unit (FRU) part number
ThinkPad Dock with EU1 Power Cord 02K8666
ThinkPad 701 Uni-Dock Adapter 42H1510
WorkPad z50 Docking Kit 02K6143
ThinkPad 760 SelectDock III UltraBay Options Tray 82H6727
UltraBay Options Tray Bezel 11J8977
ThinkPad 600 SelectaBase 12J2480
SelectaDock Base Model 1 73H8594
ThinkPad SelectaBase 770 05K7037
ThinkPad Port Replicator with Advanced EtherJet 02K8982
ThinkPad Port Replicatorw ith Advanced EtherJet 05K6161
Upper Cover Set 05K4875
ThinkPad i Series Port Replicator 05K5594
Enhanced Port Replicator 11J9000
ThinkPad365 Port Replicator/Tray 41H7435
ThinkPad 560 Port Replicator 05K4645
ThinkPad Port Replicator Model 1 66G3574
ThinkPad Port Replicator Model 2 69H8340
ThinkPad 365X Port Replicator 75H7528
ThinkPad 380/385 Port Replicator 84G1320
Port Replicator Cover Unit 84G1321

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