P-Series Monitors - Reference guide

The P-Series CRT reference guide is a comprehensive listing of all the current CRT Monitors available. Locate the monitor series and type of your monitor, then select the hot-linked description based on your monitor size and applicable geography. The part number information associated with the monitor series will be displayed. This information will provide any additional ordering or replacement information for the monitor series.

P series monitor 
P-Series CRT
Monitor seriesMonitor typeMonitor size
P72655617.0-inch (16.0-inch viewable) Trinitron Monitor
P76663917.0-inch (16.0-inch viewable) CRT Monitor
P77655017.0-inch (16.0-inch viewable) Trinitron CRT Monitor
P92655719.0-inch (17.9-inch viewable) CRT Monitor
P96655119.0-inch (17.9-inch viewable) CRT Monitor
P97655119.0-inch (18.0-inch viewable) Trinitron CRT Monitor
P202655821.0-inch (19.8-inch viewable) CRT Monitor
P260655221.0-inch (19.8-inch viewable) CRT Monitor
P275665221.0-inch (19.8-inch viewable) CRT Trinitron Monitor

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