Batteries and Battery Chargers - Withdrawn products
Batteries and Battery Chargers - Expired products
ThinkPad 240 (30W) Li-Ion Battery
ThinkPad 240 9-Cell Li-Ion Battery (Asia Pacific only)
ThinkPad 390/i Series 1720 Li-Ion Battery
ThinkPad 570 External Battery Charger
ThinkPad 570 Li-Ion Battery
ThinkPad 600E/X UltraslimBay Battery
ThinkPad i Series 1400 Li-Ion Battery
ThinkPad i Series Li-Ion Battery
ThinkPad i Series NiMH Rechargeable Battery

Product nameMarketing part numberField replacement unit (FRU) part number
Li-Ion Battery Pack II29H932929H9369
ThinkPad Battery Adapter05K5666
ThinkPad Battery Charger11J9003
ThinkPad External Battery Charger11J8985Multiple
ThinkPad NiMH Battery85G151385G1510
ThinkPad NiMH Rechargeable Battery73G341673G3417
ThinkPad Quick Charger49G217049G1110
ThinkPad Travel Quick Charger85G152285G1530
ThinkPad 380 Battery Adapter02K6512
ThinkPad 380/385 Li-Ion Battery73H979373H9951
ThinkPad 380X/385X Li-Ion Battery02K650702K6509
ThinkPad 560 Battery Adapter11J9002
ThinkPad 560 Li-Ion Battery46H420602K6539
ThinkPad 600 Battery Adapter02K6501
ThinkPad 600 Li-Ion Battery12J246410L2158
ThinkPad 600 Li-Ion Battery (Japan)02K691902K6904
ThinkPad 730T Quick Charger66G954084G0521
ThinkPad 755 Li-Ion Battery85G856185G8554
ThinkPad 770 Battery Adapter11J9001
ThinkPad 770 Li-Ion Battery83H673802K7019
ThinkPad 770 Li-Ion Battery Adapter11J8968

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