Expired products - Modems
Expired products - Modems
Product nameField replacement unit (FRU) part number
2400 Data (9600 Send/4800 Receive) Fax Modem for ThinkPad 350/350C60G1810
5853 2.4Kbps Modem (US)6164919
9600 Data Fax Modem for ThinkPad 350/350C60G1811
56Kbps PC Card Modem Kit04K0054
56Kbps/33.6Kbps Plug and Play ISA Modem01K1224
ComCentral 33.6Kbps75H8818
Cordless Computer Connection01K1215
ISA 28.8/14.4Kbps Data/Fax Modem with Wake on Ring13H8909
ISA Multimedia Modem30H1592
Multimedia ISA Modem Plus30H1592
Multimedia Modem Plus30H1592
PCMCIA 28.8/14.4Kbps Data/Fax Modem with Integrated DAA38H5062
PCMCIA 28.8Kbps International Data/Fax Modem42H4326
WakeUp on Ring Cable04H5934

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Reference guide - Modems
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