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IdeaPad U160 3 Cell and 6 Cell Batteries - Overview
3 cell
6 cell
3 cell (57Y6522)
6 cell (57Y6524)

Features and specifications

The IdeaPad U160 batteries provide the longest run time for your IdeaPad U160 notebook.

Features and benefits:

  • Over-discharge protection
  • Offers proven battery technology with balanced performance, capacity, and longevity
  • Backed by a one-year limited warranty with renowned Service and Support from Lenovo


  • 3 cell (57Y6522) - Black
  • 3 cell (57Y6517) - Black
  • 3 cell (57Y6518) - Red
  • 6 cell (57Y6524) - Black
  • 6 cell (57Y6519) - Black
  • 6 cell (57Y6520) - Red

Performance specifications:

  • Type:
    • 3 cell lithium-ion (57Y6522, 57Y6517, 57Y6518)
    • 6 cell lithium-ion (57Y6524, 57Y6519, 57Y6520)
  • Capacity:
    • 2200 mAh (57Y6522, 57Y6517, 57Y6518)
    • 4400 mAh (57Y6524, 57Y6519, 57Y6520)
  • Battery Voltage: 11.1V

Note: Battery life (and recharge times) will vary based on many factors including screen brightness, applications, features, power management, battery conditioning, and other customer preferences.

Physical specifications:

  • Approximate height:
    • 21 mm (57Y6522, 57Y6517, 57Y6518)
    • 26.75 mm (57Y6524, 57Y6519, 57Y6520)
  • Approximate width: 53 mm
  • Approximate length: 204 mm
  • Approximate weight:
    • 375 g (57Y6522)
    • 200 g (57Y6517, 57Y6518)
    • 475 g (57Y6524)
    • 300 g (57Y6519, 57Y6520)


1 year – Limited warranty

  • For 57Y6522 and 57Y6524:
    • Announce date: 16 Nov 2010 (Japan)
    • Availability date: 16 Nov 2010 (Japan)
  • For 57Y6517, 57Y6518, 57Y6519, 57Y6520:
    • Announce date: 08 Mar 2011 (Canada, United States)
    • Availability date: 08 Mar 2011 (Canada, United States)

Hardware compatibility

Support IdeaPad U160.

Note: Not compatible with other Idea Pad notebooks.

  • IdeaPad U160 3 Cell Li-Ion Battery / IdeaPad U160 6 Cell Li-Ion Battery
  • Manual

Agency approvals
  • For 57Y6522 and 57Y6524:
    • CB, UL, CE (EMC), PSE JAPAN, Gost, C-tick, KC
  • For 57Y6517, 57Y6518, 57Y6519, 57Y6520:
    • UL, CE, CB, C-tick, GOST, PSE

Additional product information
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