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ThinkVision L151 15-inch Flat Panel Monitor - Service parts
anchor9165 (AC2, AC6)
anchor9165 (AC6)
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9165 (AC2, AC6)
DescriptionGeographyMarketing part numberService part number (FRU)
L151 flat panel monitorJapan, Europe, Middle East, Africa9165-AC243R1940
L151 flat panel monitorAsia Pacific except Japan9165-AC643R1943
Tilt stand assembly with base  43R1942
Video cable (analog)31P9965

9165 (AC6)
DescriptionGeographyMarketing part numberService part number (FRU)
L151 flat panel monitorCanada, Latin America, United States9165-AC643R1943
Tilt stand assembly with base  43R1945
Video cable (analog)43R1944
U.S. Black Power CordUnited States 39M5080

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Overview - Features and specifications for L151 flat panel monitor
Learn - How to use a marketing part number or replacement part number (FRU) when placing an order
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