T-Series Monitors - Reference guide

The T-Series CRT reference guide is a comprehensive listing of all the current CRT monitors available. Locate the monitor series and type of your monitor, then select the hot-linked description based on your monitor size and applicable geography. The part number information associated with the monitor series will be displayed. This information will provide any additional ordering or replacement information for the monitor series.

T series lcd monitor 
T-Series CRT
Monitor seriesMonitor typeMonitor size
T210665920.8-inch QXGA TFT Flat Panel Monitor
T220950322.2-inch TFT LCD Flat Panel Monitor
T221T221950322.2-inch QUXGA TFT Flat Panel Monitor
9503-DG522.2-inch QXGA-W Flat Panel Monitor
T5409511T54/T540 15.0-inch Flat Panel Monitor
T541951215.0-inch TFT Flat Panel Monitor
T541H951215.0-inch TFT Hybrid Flat Panel Monitor
T541L951215.0-inch TFT Hybrid LCD Flat Panel Monitor
T545665315.1-inch LCD Flat Panel TCO Monitor
T54H9511T54/T540 15.0-inch Flat Panel Monitor
T50951115.0-inch TFT LCD Monitor
T55A9513T55A/T55D 15.0-inch TFT LCD Monitor
T55D9513T55A/T55D 15.0-inch TFT LCD Monitor
T560665615.0-inch TFT LCD Flat Panel Monitor
T56A949315.1-inch TFT LCD Analog Monitor
T710663717.0-inch TFT LCD Analog Flat Panel Monitor
T74949517.0-inch TFT LCD Monitor
T750665717.0-inch Hybrid Flat Panel Monitor
T84H665818.1-inch Hybrid Flat Panel Monitor
T85A9519T85A/T85D 18.1-inch TFT LCD Digital Monitor
T85D9519T85A/T85D 18.1-inch TFT LCD Digital Monitor
T86949718.1-inch TFT Flat Panel Monitor
T860949418.1-inch Hybrid Flat Panel Monitor
T86D949718.1-inch TFT LCD Digital Monitor

Non-series based monitor types
Monitor seriesMonitor size
951616.1-inch (12.6 x 10.1 inches viewable) TFT LCD Monitor
951414.1-inch TFT LCD Monitor

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