How to boot to legacy device on a Microsoft Windows 8 preloaded PC

A Microsoft Windows 8 preloaded PC may not boot to other devices, such as CD/DVD, USB, network, etc, even though these same devices can successfully boot on other PCs running previous versions of Microsoft Windows.


Affected Configurations
  • ThinkPad
  • ThinkCentre
  • ThinkStation
  • IdeaCentre


Applies To

Microsoft Windows 8 preloaded PC



To boot to Legacy devices, it is necessary to disable Microsoft Windows 8 default settings in the Setup Utility:

  1. Restart the PC and press F1 to enter Setup.
  2. For ThinkPad: Navigate to the RESTART menu.
    For ThinkCentre and ThinkStation:  Navigate to the EXIT menu
  3. Select OS Optimized Defaults and change the value to Disabled.
  4. Select Yes to continue to disable the OS Optimized Defaults.
  5. Press F9 to load Setup Defaults.
  6. Select Yes to confirm the loading default configuration.
  7. Press F10 to save and exit Setup.
  8. If necessary, press F12 to access the boot menu and select your boot device.


Additional Information

Microsoft requires Lenovo to configure all Microsoft Windows 8 PCs with the following UEFI firmware (BIOS) settings:

  • UEFI only
  • Secure Boot

With these settings, it is not possible to boot a Legacy operating system such as DOS or Microsoft Windows XP.  Also, it is not possible to boot an operating system that is not enabled for Secure Boot, such as Microsoft Windows 7 and certain Linux distributions.

For these reasons, it is not possible to boot many existing diagnostic or backup/restore tools on a Microsoft Windows 8 PC with default UEFI firmware (BIOS) settings.

If you are unable to find what you are looking for, please do try the following options:
1. Lenovo Assisted Search
2. Product usage and general troubleshooting tips
3. Lenovo Support Forum
4. Technical Support Call Centre

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