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L150 TFT Monitor 15-inch Bezel Speaker - Overview

L150 TFT bezel speaker

Parts information

At a glance


  • Easy to connect -- Speaker slides easily onto the frame (bezel) of your 15-inch flat-panel monitor
  • Integrated sound -- Speaker offers a complete audio/monitor speaker solution
  • Dual headphone jacks provide private listening for two persons simultaneously (headphones not included)
  • Power on/off -- Volume control knob
  • Button-on-button design for activation of main controls on front of monitor
  • Zero footprint -- No additional desk space required
  • 2.5 watts per channel -- 5 watts total Universal voltage -- Ships with ac power adapter and country line cord
  • 3-meter audio cable -- Sufficient length to mount flat-panel monitor on the wall with PC on the floor


3 years Limited - customer carry-in exchange


You will receive one box containing the following items:

  • 15-inch Flat Panel Monitor Speaker Bezel for L150 Monitors
  • Slide-on 15-inch bezel speaker assembly
  • User's Guide
  • Universal ac power adapter
  • Country line cord

Product dates


  • Announce date: 3 Aug 2004
  • Planned availability date:13 Aug 2004

Technical specifications

Physical, environmental, and compatibility specifications as known at time of announcement

Hardware compatibility

The 15-inch Flat Panel Monitor Speaker Bezel is supported on the following systems:

  • Flat-Panel Monitor 6636


Some configurations may not be compatible.


Cable orders required


Installation time

Approximately 5 minutes

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