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Different fingerprint import result after upgrade 5.8.5 to 5.9.2 (Vista -> Win7) - ThinkPad
  1. Clean install Windows Vista 64-bit SP1 on your system. Create only one admin account "v64" in Windows.
  2. Logon that admin user and clean install TFS5.8.5.5953 on Vista and restart.
  3. Logon that admin and and enroll one finger Finger A.
  4. Upgrade Windows Vista to Windows 7.
  5. Upgrade install TFS5.9.2.5980 on Windows 7 and restart.
  6. Logon that admin and enroll another finger Finger B.
  7. Click the Import/Export button and export current user's template.
  8. And then export all user's template once (though current only one user existed in Windows).
  9. Click Import/Export > Current user > Import user to import current user's template (created on step 7).
  10. Login Control centre.
    Problem: Only Finger A is imported successfully. But B not imported.
  11. Login Control centre and then import all user's template (created on step 8). Choose yes to restart.
  12. Try to logon by Finger B. Can logon normally. Login control centre and can find both Finger A and Finger B is marked.


Affected configurations

Any of the following ThinkPad systems configured with Upek fingerprint reader:

  • T400s, T410, T410s
  • T510
  • W510, W701, W701ds
  • X210, X210s, X210 tablet



Re-enroll fingerprint under Windows 7 or export all user's template instead of export current user's template.

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