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Summary of changes for BIOS update - ThinkCentre M80 and A85

version 9GKT33A

  • Fixes system which will still boot into the USB storage when remove all of the bootable devices in boot priority.

version 9GKT32A

  • Adds "Require POP on Restart" in Security page.

version 9GKT31A

  • Fixes a dual lan boot sequence issue.

version 9GKT30A

  • Fixes a problem where the system cannot detect USB FDD.

version 9GKT29A

  • Enables CRID support for Clarkdale C2/K0 stepping.
  • Updates AFUDOS/AFUWIN to v2.35.

version 9GKT28A

  • Adds New Microsoft OEM Activation 2.1 Requirement.
  • Corrects "OEM Revision" in the ACPI table.
  • Updates AFUDOS/AFUWIN to v2.32.

version 9GKT27A

  • Fixes incorrect HDD information in "System Summary" when set to RAID mode.
  • Updates flash BIOS parameter.
  • Enables CRID support for Clarkdale K0 stepping.

version 9GKT26A

  • Adds the RAID support.
  • The "Front USB Ports" item always exist when there is no device on USB header1.

version 9GKT25A

  • Removes RBM and BIOS fingerprint support.
  • "Asset Tag" can only display 25 chars in length.

version 9GKT23A

  • Fixed POST screen crash when using fingerprint keyboard.
  • Fixed F3 will get startup menu when use enter pause the fingerprint GUI.
  • Fixed FP KB data can't be deleted.

version 9GKT22A

  • Fixed S3 will hang on if user presses key continually.
  • Fixed system will hang when unplug USB key during logo shown.
  • Removed "Floppy Drive" by Remote BIOS script.
  • Fixed issue F12 can use when post error occurs.

version 9GKT21A

  • Fixed press enter key no response when need PAP or POP.
  • Fixed some items can't be changed by Remote BIOS script.
  • Fixed PAP and POP can't be changed by Remote BIOS script.
  • "System Serial Number" can only display 20 chars in length.
  • Fixed some CPU speed display wrong in BIOS setup.
  • Correct item string "Intel(R) Virtualization Technology".
  • Fixed user can modify POP after press ECS enter into setup when need PAP.
  • Fixed AMIDEWIN can't work in OS 64bit.
  • Fix G3-S5 WOL issue

version 9GKT20A

  • Supports Finger Print.
  • Supports Remote BIOS Management (RBM).
  • Updated solution for "USB Legacy Support" can't be restored.
  • Modified CPU speed in BIOS setup and smbios.
  • Fixed system plug 4GB*4 memory, post screen will show @384MB.
  • Fixed sometimes POST screen crash.
  • Fixed user can modify some items after press ECS enter into SETUP when need PAP.

version 9GKT18A

  • Fixed manufacture issue.

version 9GKT17A

  • Initial Production BIOS release.

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