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BIOS file matrix - Value Line notebooks

Note: Beginning August 2009, all 3000 family systems will be categorized as Value Line. For more information please click here.

The following matrix lists all of the current BIOS updates for Value Line systems. Clicking the BIOS version in this matrix will take you to the download page for each BIOS. The download page also includes a link to a text file which will give you a history of the BIOS updates for that particular system.

You can also access a matrix with the most common Value Line notebook software and device drivers for your system.

C Series
N Series
V Series

BIOS versionBIOS release date
Embedded controller version
Embedded controller release date
C100 (type 0761, 8825)
21 Dec 2006
Included in BIOS
C200 (type 8922)
28 Jun 2007
Included in BIOS
N100 (type 0689, 0768)
28 Jun 2007
Included in BIOS
N200 (type 0687)
05 Sep 2007
Included in BIOS
N200 (type 0769)
11 Jun 2007
Included in BIOS
N500 (type 4233)
11 Jun 2009
Included in BIOS
V100 (type 0763)
62ETC1WW (1.11) 26 Apr 2007File download linked from BIOS
62ECB2WW (01.B2)
26 Apr 2007
65ET34WW (1.08) 21 Aug 2007Included in BIOSN/A

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