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Symptoms corrected by the latest On Screen Display utility - ThinkPad General
Symptoms corrected by
version 1.11.02
  • (New) Support for ThinkPad 570E.
  • (New) Support for Windows 2000.
  • (Fix) On Screen Display may cause system slow with a few game applications while On Screen Display is displayed on the screen.

Symptoms corrected by version 1.40.00

  • (New) Support for ThinkPad A20m, A20p.
  • (New) Support to display icon for display switching.
  • (New) Replace icon designs in control panel.
  • (New) Stop displaying numerical value for indicator.
  • (Fix) On Windows NT or 2000, On Screen Display may not appear on a system configuration.
  • (Fix) On Screen does not appear although buttons are pressed in case that volume value etc. is being limit value.

Symptoms corrected by version 2.01.01

  • (New) Support for ThinkPad T20.
  • (New) Support mute status change via Master Volume.

Symptoms corrected by version 2.02

  • (Fix) Volume indicator does not appear on ThinkPad 570/570E.
  • (Fix) A check box in control panel may show incorrect system status.

Symptoms corrected by version 2.23

  • (New) Support for ThinkPad X20.
  • (Fix) Mute function has some problems on ThinkPad 600 series.

Symptoms corrected by version 2.24i

  • (New) Support for ThinkPad A21m/A21p/A21e/T21.
  • (New) Providing the installer program.
  • (New) Support for ThinkPad 240Z.

Symptoms corrected by version 2.28i

  • (New) Change the design of volume function on ThinkPad 600 series.
  • (New) Support for ThinkPad TransNote.
  • (New) Support for ThinkPad A22m/A22p/T22/X21.
  • (New) Support for ThinkPad A22e.

Symptoms corrected by version 2.30i

  • (New) Support for ThinkPad s30.
  • (New) Support Windows XP.
  • (New) The Fn+PgUp/Dn may not work with some applications.

Affected configurations
Any of the following ThinkPad systems:

  • ThinkPad 240Z
  • ThinkPad 570/E, 600/E/X
  • ThinkPad A20m, A20p, A21e, A21m, A21p, A22e, A22m, A22p
  • ThinkPad T20, T21, T22
  • ThinkPad X20, X21
  • ThinkPad s30
  • TransNote

Click here to download the latest On Screen Display Utility.

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