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How to use the function (Fn) keys on the keyboard - ThinkPad G40, G41

The following table shows what each function key (Fn) key on your keyboard is for and how to use them.


  • The Fn key works independently of the operating system.

Key combinationDescription
Fn + F1Reserved.
Fn + F2Reserved.
Fn + F3Turn off the LCD display, leaving the screen blank. To turn the LCD display on again, press any key or the TrackPoint pointing stick.
Fn + F4

Put the computer in standby mode. To return to normal operation, press the Fn key independently, without pressing a function key.


  • The setting can be changed so that pressing it puts the computer into hibernation mode or even shuts the computer down.
Fn + F5

Open the Wireless Radio Control screen.


  • This function is supported only in Micrososft Windows 2000, and Micrososft Windows XP.To use this function, the PM device driver must be installed on the computer. Micrososft Windows 98 supports 802.11 Wireless Radio power control only.
Fn + F6Reserved.
Fn + F7

Switching the display output location.
Switch between the computer display and an external monitor (CRT). If an external monitor is attached, the computer output is displayed in the following three patterns by turns:

  • External monitor (CRT display)
  • Computer display and external monitor (LCD + CRT display)
  • Computer display (LCD)


  • In Windows XP and Windows 2000, this setting can be changed so that pressing it starts a presentation scheme directly with no need to start Presentation Director.
Fn + F9

Open the EasyEject Utility screen.


  • This function is supported only in Windows 2000 and Windows XP.
Fn + F10Reserved.
Fn + F11Reserved.
Fn + F12

Put the computer into hibernation mode. To return to normal operation, press the power button for less than four seconds.


  • To use Fn+F12 for hibernation, the PM device driver must be installed on the computer.
Fn + HomeThe computer display becomes brighter.
Fn + EndThe computer display becomes less bright.
Fn + Spacebar

Enable the FullScreen Magnifier function.


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