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Symptoms corrected by the latest BIOS update - ThinkPad A20m

Symptom corrected by version 1.03 -

  • (New) Support for ThinkPad A20m.

Symptoms corrected by version 1.04 - IWET48WW

  • (Fix) On systems using Microsoft Windows 95/98, when you disable a serial or infrared port from Device Manager or from the ThinkPad Configuration program, a blue error screen will appear.
  • (Fix) The Wake On LAN feature does not work.
  • (Fix) On systems using Microsoft Windows 2000, a slight noise is heard when entering standby mode.
  • (Fix) When the system is connected to a docking station that contains a hard disk drive and an EtherJet PC Card, the system will hang when entering suspend mode.

Symptoms corrected by version 1.05 - IWET50WW

  • (New) Microsoft Windows Me support.
  • (New) Date/Time in BIOS Setup is protected by Supervisor Password.
  • (New) Return the max CPU speed in SMBIOS current speed field of processor information (Type 4).
  • (New) Intel Pentium-III C0 Step support.
  • (Fix) CMOS Test of PC-Doctor fails.
  • (Fix) CMOS error is not displayed.
  • (Fix) No display appears on LCD even after hot-undocking from a docking station which has the external display.
  • (Fix) Resume failure when Hibernate when battery becomes low is enabled.

Symptoms corrected by version 1.06 - IWET51WW

  • (New) Add a Lock BIOS settings menu to BIOS setup.
  • (Fix) Cannot select a boot device by F12 option when a supervisor password is set.
  • (Fix) A supervisor cannot update flash BIOS when Flash BIOS Updating by End-Users is disabled in BIOS setup menu and a supervisor password is set.
  • (Fix) A system enters full-suspend mode with some network PC-cards on Microsoft Windows NT4. It sometimes causes network failure after resume from suspend.
  • (Fix) Some PCI video cards in docking station do not work after Ctrl+Alt+Del.
  • (Fix) HDD indicator LED sometimes stays on after hibernation wakeup on Windows NT4.
  • (Fix) System fails to wake up from S4 (hibernation) by remote wakeup on Windows Me.
  • (Fix) The serial port is disabled after hibernation wakeup on APM OS.
  • (Fix) Intermittent hibernation failure.

Symptom corrected by version 1.07 - IWET52WW

  • (Fix) The screen does not come up by opening the LCD, when Will not suspend even if LCD is closed option is enabled.

Symptoms corrected by version 1.08 - IWET54WW
CAUTION for users with the Intel/Xircom Mini PCI combo cards:
This BIOS version will only work with Intel Boot Agent(IBA) 4.0 or later for Wake On LAN (WOL) based remote installations. If you plan to do remote installations with IBA versions prior to 4.0, then you must use a previous BIOS version to 1.07. Failure to do so may cause the ThinkPad system to hang.

  • (New) Modified SMBIOS Type 3 to report AssetNumber in EEPROM User Asset Data under the Asset Tag Number field.
  • (Fix) POST 188 error.
  • (Fix) POST 189 error.
  • (Fix) Reboot from BIOS-call causes system hang.
  • (Fix) Access to CD-ROM in docking station becomes slow after resume from suspend on Windows 98.
  • (Fix) The system cannot boot from a hard disk drive with partition ID of n5h where n is 1 or greater.

Symptoms corrected by version 1.09 - IWET55WW

  • (New) Add SuperDisk Boot disable selection to allow SuperDisk drive to be assigned fixed letter.
  • (Fix) Fn+F7 does not work after undocking from port replicator or detaching external CRT.
  • (Fix) Memory size and hard disk drive size in AssetID EEPROM are incorrect.
  • (Fix) Sometimes there is no display on the LCD after you open the LCD lid without an external display.
  • (Fix) PCI Power Management setting is disabled after suspend/resume on Windows Me and Windows 2000.
  • (Fix) DMA channel of ECP parallel port may not be available on Microsoft Windows Me and Windows 2000.
  • (Fix) System may restart automatically when wake up from hibernation on Windows 95.

Symptoms corrected by version 1.10 - IWET56WW

  • (New) Microsoft Windows XP support
  • (New) Improved resume speed on Windows Me and Windows 2000.
  • (New) Add F1 prompt message display disable selection.
  • (Fix) 0175 POST error occur.
  • (Fix) If ECP mode is selected, parallel port does not work after resume from standby state on Windows Me and Windows 2000.
  • (Fix) If Alert On LAN 2 is enabled, sometimes file transfer through network fails.
  • (Fix) No display came upon LCD when a lid opened after undocked from a ThinkPad Dock or a Port replicator with an external monitor. (Windows 2000)

Symptom corrected by version 1.11 - IWET57WW

  • (New) Improved CPU thermal control.

Symptoms corrected by version 1.12 - IWET58WW

  • (Fix) POST 175 error may occur if system is powered off during POST.
  • (Fix) Password prompt appears if the user performs a reboot after suspend/resume on ACPI operating system.
  • (Fix) POST hang may occur if CMOS value is incorrect.
  • (Fix) Operating system install using Remote Deployment Manager (RDM = LCCM) may cause the system to hang.
  • (Fix) The password is required twice if the user presses the F1 key when the password prompt appears
  • (Fix) Dock/undock operation on Windows 98 may cause system freeze if the DVD/CD-RW combo device is installed in the docking station.
  • (Fix) If the hibernation file structure is special, hibernation wakeup may cause the system to hang.
  • (Fix) Time the system waits for the command to stop the HDD spindle motor during system power down is not enough.
  • (Fix) If the supervisor password is enabled, disabling the Legacy Floppy Devices option from the BIOS setup startup menu does not work properly.
  • (Fix) Wake from hibernation may cause the system to hang if the supervisor password is installed and BIOS update diskette is inserted.
  • (Fix) 8th wrong character is accepted as resume password in Windows NT

Symptoms corrected by version 1.13 - IWET59WW

  • (New) Added a BIOS option to disable built-in network card ROM using upper 640KByte location. (Some network card features will be disabled)
  • (New) Improve security related process.
  • (Fix) If Lid close action beep is enabled, LCD close during OS boot may cause continuous beep.
  • (Fix) (Windows98) Error message appears on 2nd hibernation wakeup with New USB Memory Key.
  • (Fix) Hibernation swap area destroys POST work area.
  • (Fix) Fix the incorrect setting of PCI IRQ routing in docking station CardBus controller.

Affected configurations
Any ThinkPad A20m system

Click here to download the latest BIOS update in a diskette format.
Click here to download the latest BIOS update in a diskless format.

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