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Symptoms corrected by the latest BIOS update - ThinkPad A21p, A22p

Symptom corrected by version 1.00 - KYET21WW

  • (New) Support for ThinkPad A21p.

Symptoms corrected by version 1.01 - KYET22WW

  • (New) Add a Lock BIOS settings menu to BIOS setup.
  • (Fix) Cannot select a boot device by F12 option when a supervisor password is set.
  • (Fix) A system enters full-suspend mode with some network PC-cards on Microsoft Windows NT4. It sometimes causes network failure after resume from suspend.
  • (Fix) Some PCI video cards in docking station do not work after Ctrl+Alt+Del.
  • (Fix) Hard disk drive indicator LED sometimes stays on after hibernation wake-up on Windows NT4.
  • (Fix) Access to CD-ROM in docking station becomes slow after resume from suspend on Microsoft Windows 98.
  • (Fix) TV is disabled, when Fn+F7 is pressed.

Symptom corrected by version 1.02 - KYET23WW

  • (Fix) Microsoft Windows Me JP does not boot.

Symptom corrected by version 1.03 - KYET24WW

  • (Fix) Windows Me doesn't resume from standby mode.

Symptoms corrected by version 1.04 - KYET27WW

  • (New) Intel Boot Agent 3.0 support.
  • (New) Modified SMBIOS Type 3 to report AssetNumber in EEPROM User Asset Data under the Asset Tag Number field.
  • (Fix) The screen does not come up by opening LCD, when Will not suspend even if LCD is closed option is enabled.
  • (Fix) POST 189 error.
  • (Fix) Reboot from BIOS-call causes system hang.
  • (Fix) The system can not boot from a hard disk drive with partition ID of n5h where n is 1 or greater.

Symptoms corrected by version 1.05 - KYET31WW

  • (New) Support for ThinkPad A22p.
  • (New) Add SuperDisk Boot disable selection to allow SuperDisk drive to be assigned fixed letter.
  • (New) Intel Pentium-III D0 Step support.
  • (Fix) Memory size and hard disk drive size in AssetID EEPROM are incorrect.
  • (Fix) PC card is sometimes configured abnormally during POST.
  • (Fix) PCI BUS Power Management setting is disabled after suspend/resume on Windows Me and Microsoft Windows 2000.
  • (Fix) DMA channel of ECP parallel port may not be available on Windows Me and Windows 2000.
  • (Fix) System may restart automatically when wake up from hibernation on Microsoft Windows 95.

Symptoms corrected by version 1.06 - KYET32WW

  • (New) Improved support for UltraPort.
  • (New) Add F1 prompt message display disable selection.
  • (Fix) If a 3.3V 16bit PC card is installed, POST takes 3 seconds longer.
  • (Fix) A device attached to the UltraPort does not work after a reboot under Windows Me and Windows 2000.
  • (Fix) 84-key is selected on cold boot under Windows NT4.0.

Symptoms corrected by version 1.07 - KYET33WW

  • (New) Microsoft Windows XP support
  • (New) Improved resume speed on Windows Me and Windows 2000.
  • (Fix) 0175 POST error occur.
  • (Fix) If ECP mode is selected, parallel port does not work after resume from standby state on Windows Me and Windows 2000.
  • (Fix) If Alert On LAN 2 is enabled, sometimes file transfer through network fails.
  • (Fix) No display came upon LCD when a lid opened after undocked from a ThinkPad Dock or a Port replicator with an external monitor. (Windows 2000)

Symptoms corrected by version 1.08 - KYET34WW

  • (Fix) CRT screen is wavy at 1600X1200 resolution on Windows 2000.

Symptoms corrected by version 1.09 - KXET36WW

  • (New) Improved CPU thermal control.
  • (New) Update POST 175 error check routine.
  • (Fix) POST hang may occur if CMOS value is incorrect.
  • (Fix) Dock/undock operation on Windows 98 causes a system freeze if the DVD/CD-RW combo device is installed the in docking station.
  • (Fix) If the hibernation file structure is special, hibernation wakeup may cause a system hang.
  • (Fix) A Password is required twice if the user presses the F1 key when the password prompt appears.
  • (Fix) The ThinkPad system does not wait long enough for the command that stops the hard disk drive spindle motor during a system power off.
  • (Fix) Hibernation wakeup causes a system hang if the supervisor password is installed and BIOS update diskette is inserted.
  • (Fix) Password prompt will come up at reboot after suspend/resume on an ACPI operating system.
  • (Fix) Operating system installation using Remote Deployment Manager (RDM = LCCM) causes a system hang.
  • (Fix) If supervisor password is enabled, disabling Legacy Floppy Devices in the BIOS setup startup menu does not work properly.
  • (Fix) SpeedStep function does not work correctly on Microsoft Windows 98.
  • (Fix) File transfer through network fails when Alert On LAN is enabled.

Symptoms corrected by version 1.10 - KXET37WW

  • (New) Added a BIOS option to disable built-in network card ROM using upper 640KByte location. (Some network card features will be disabled)
  • (New) Improve security related process.
  • (Fix) If Lid close action beep is enabled, LCD close during OS boot may cause continuous beep.
  • (Fix) (Windows98) Error message appears on 2nd hibernation wakeup with New USB Memory Key.
  • (Fix) Hibernation swap area destroys POST work area.
  • (Fix) Fix the incorrect setting of PCI IRQ routing in docking station CardBus controller.
  • (Fix) Pressing Initialize(F9) key twice will reset network boot sequence to other than BIOS Setup Default.

Symptom corrected by version 1.11 - KXET38WW

  • (New) Enhancement of the battery control.

Affected configurations
Any ThinkPad A21p or A22p system

Click here to download the latest BIOS update in a diskette format.
Click here to download the latest BIOS update in a diskless format.


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