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Symptoms corrected by the latest BIOS update - ThinkPad T23

Version 1.01 - 1AET38WW

  • (New) Support for ThinkPad T23.

Version 1.02 - 1AET40WW

  • (New) Support F11 key handling on logo screen for new recovery program.
    xKx and xLx models are not supported
  • (Fix) Token Ring PC card does not work after Hibernation wakeup under Microsoft Windows 98.
  • (Fix) Floppy disk drive read/write access fail on Microsoft Windows XP.
  • (Fix) POST 175 error appear.
  • (Fix) USB device which is connected to USB port in docking station does not work on Microsoft Windows 95.
  • (Fix) System can not boot from USB Portable Device Bay.
  • (Fix) Japanese message of eFlash is corrupted.
  • (Fix) Two different docking configurations are made.
  • (Fix) Ctrl+Alt+Del may cause system hang on DOS/V.
  • (Fix) Blue screen appears after standby/resume on Microsoft Windows 2000 or Microsoft Windows XP.
  • (Fix) Noise appears when TV out is used.

Version 1.03 - 1AET43WW

  • (Fix) Resume hang occur on Windows 2000 when USB CCD camera is attached.
  • (Fix) RIPL from PCMCIA TokenRing adapter card in docking station does not work.
  • (Fix) UltraDMA mode 5 (ATA/100) does not enabled on Windows 2000.

Version 1.04 - 1AET47WW

  • (New) Support PS2.EXE PREFMemory Enable command which makes it possible to install the Matrox G450 driver on Microsoft Windows NT4.
  • (New) Enable the IDE DMA setting if system does not boot from network to speed up hibernation wake up on Microsoft Windows Me, 2000, and XP.
  • (New) Enhance BIOS image data integrity at flash update.
  • (New) Remove RIPL function support.
  • (Fix) PS2.EXE USBBIOS Disable does not work correctly.
  • (Fix) If hard disk drive (HDD) class USB device is attached, then 2 different drive letters are assigned to it on Windows 98 and Me.
  • (Fix) Netfinity utility does not work on OS/2.
  • (Fix) POST 195 error occurs by pressing the F1 key several times during system boot.
  • (Fix) DVI ICON appears on S3Display tab.
  • (Fix) Clock generator may cause invalid condition at POST.
  • (Fix) VGA color DAC register test failure
  • (Fix) HDD spindle turns off automatically after 3 minutes on ACPI operating system.
  • (Fix) TV screen becomes warped, displays greenish colors, or wavy noise appears.
  • (Fix) Once an ACPI operating system has booted up, some items in the BIOS setup becomes operating system controlled. There is no way to exit from this condition except initialization of CMOS.
  • (Fix) Brightness level setting of high is automatically disabled, if brightness level is changed from ThinkPad utility.
  • (Fix) If the system is docked to the docking station which includes a HDD, then Hibernation on APM operating system may cause system hang.

Version 1.05 - 1AET48WW

  • (Fix) Password is requested twice if F1 is pressed on the power on password prompt.
  • (Fix) If Maximum Performance is selected for battery and Battery Optimized Performance is selected for AC using SpeedStep applet on Windows 95 or NT 4.0, it was not reflected to BIOS setting correctly.
  • (Fix) If critical hibernation occurs on Windows 2000 or Windows Me, SpeedStep transition fails after hibernation wakeup.
  • (Fix) If system is turned off immediately during first power on process, it may cause power on hang at next time.

Version 1.06 - 1AET49WW

  • (Fix) Abnormal screen appear on LG XGA panel when system is rebooted.

Version 1.07 - 1AET50WW

  • (Fix) Windows NT boot is stopped by timer canceled at boot menu while an external keyboard is attached.(Also at PCDOS boot menu)
  • (Fix) PC cards do not work after reboot.
  • (Fix) Password is required twice if user press F1 key when password prompt appear.
  • (Fix) USB FDD boot does not work after reboot(Windows XP).
  • (Fix) Some HDD partition information causes boot failure.
  • (Fix) Hot dock on Windows 98 cause system hang.

Version 1.08 - 1AET51WW

  • (Fix) PC cards do not work on Windows 2000 if PC cards are attached before system is power on.

Version 1.09 - 1AET52WW

  • (New) 2002 is added to BIOS Copyright text.
  • (Fix) Intel Boot Agent is update to 4.0.22.
  • (Fix) PC card in bottom slot does not work.

Version 1.10 - 1AET53WW

  • (Fix) A resource conflict error is displayed after initialization of CMOS if the CMOS checksum is invalid.
  • (Fix) Hibernation on an APM operating system may cause the system to hang if construction of hibernation file is unique.
  • (Fix) System did not wait long enough for the command that stops the HDD spindle motor during a system power off.
  • (Fix) If the Flash BIOS Updating by End-Users option is disabled and the supervisor password is installed, eFlash is not inhibited..

Version 1.11 - 1AET54WW

  • (Fix) USB device may not work intermittently with new system board.

Version 1.12 - 1AET55WW

  • (Fix) USB boot through a USB Hub may not work.
  • (Fix) Screen does not turn on if Windows Me, Windows 2000 and Windows XP boot when screen is turned off.
  • (Fix) Suspend to Hibernation may cause system hang.
  • (Fix) Hibernation wakeup may cause system hang if supervisor password is installed and BIOS update diskette is inserted.

Version 1.13 - 1AET56WW

  • (New) Support B1 step of Mobile Intel Pentium III Processor-M.
  • (New) Support UltraDMA function for ZIP250 drive.
  • (Fix) Eliminate high pitched noise (from power circuit) that may occur with some applications using DirectX.
  • (Fix) Prevent POST 175 error which could occur if system is powered off during POST.
  • (Fix) When disabling a device in the Startup menu of BIOS Setup, the device would sometimes disappear from the menu and could not be re-enabled.

Version 1.14 - 1AET58WW

  • (New) Support EEPROM over LAN
  • (Fix) Boot sequence is reset after BIOS update.
  • (Fix) USB mouse does not work after suspend/resume if power on password is enabled.

Version 1.15 - 1AET59WW

  • (New) Support to launch Presentation Director with Fn+F7 key combination.
  • (Fix) Using Wake by Scheduled Tasks may set wrong date and time.
  • (Fix) Disabling SpeedStep does not work correctly.
  • (Fix) When the keyboard is in SysRq state, some Alt key combinations will be ignored.
  • (Fix) If the LCD lid close action beep is enabled and the LCD is closed while the operating system is loading, it may cause a continuous beep.
  • (Fix) Improve security related process.

Version 1.16 - 1AET60WW

  • (New) Compatibility enhancement with SMBIOS access programs.
  • (Fix) Fails to switch to WinOS2 full-screen in OS/2 Warp3.
  • (New) Enhancement of the password security feature.
  • (Fix) BIOS sometimes displays an error message after wakeup from hibernation if a USB memory key is used in Windows 98.

Version 1.17 - 1AET61WW

  • (Fix) Some multifunction CardBus cards do not work after resume from standby mode on Windows XP.
  • (Fix) Boot priority for the network boot does not become to the default setting, if an F9 key is pressed twice in BIOS Setup Utility.
  • (Fix) Windows NT, 2000 nor XP won't start if a USB BIOS is set to disabled in BIOS Setup Utility.

Version 1.18 - 1AET62WW
This BIOS version will only work with the Embedded Controller Program Version 1.06a (or higher).

  • (Fix) (Windows XP and Windows 2000) The system may resume normal operation from standby mode when the LCD panel is opened even though "Do nothing" for "When I close the lid of my portable computer" is selected in the Power Options.
  • (Fix) (Windows XP and Windows 2000) The system may hang when the LCD is closed while the system is entering standby mode, and "Hibernation" for "When I close the lid of my portable computer" is selected in the Power Options.
  • (New) Enhancement of the battery control.

Version 1AET64WW (1.20)
Note: This BIOS version will only work with the Embedded Controller Program Version 1.06a (or higher).

  • (New) WakeOnLAN function updated.

Affected configurations
Any ThinkPad T23 system.

Click here to download the latest BIOS update in a diskette format.
Click here to download the latest BIOS update in a non-diskette format.

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