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[Video] K1 cannot connect to Synchronization Software on PC - IdeaPad (Tablet) K1

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K1 cannot connect to Synchronization Software - IdeaPad (Tablet)

Solution for:
  • Product:
    IdeaPad (Tablet) - K1
  • System:
    Android 3.0


ADB driver must be installed for Windows XP user to use Synchronization Software.
If your IdeaPad (Tablet) K1 cannot connect to PC Synchronization Software, please try the following steps:

    On your IdeaPad Tablet K1:


  1. Go to “Settings”, choose “Applications”,
  2. Go to “Development”. Make sure that the “USB debugging” has been checked.
  3. Connect the Tablet to the PC through the USB cable.
    On your PC:
  4. Open “Device manager”
  5. You will see the “K1” listed under “Portable Devices”.
  6. Right-click “K1”, choose “uninstall”, and this device will disappear.
  7. Right-click any item in “Device manager”
  8. Choose “scan for hardware changes”.
  9. Two devices will appear, “Lenovo ADB Devices” and “K1” under “Portable Devices”.
  10. Now open the synchronization software, and click “Refresh”. “IdeaPad Tablet K1” will appear.

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3. Lenovo Support Forum
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Last Updated : 31 Oct 2013
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