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Windows 8 Custom Settings Options

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Selecting Customize Settings during the initial OS install will allow for in-depth configuration of the system prior to and during Windows setup.  The enable or disable is a slider switch, Orange color indicates On, Grey color indicates Off.

The choices are:

  1. Enable sharing and connectivity to the device for home or work networks or disable sharing and connectivity for public networks
  2. Automatically install windows Updates, automatically install device drivers for newly discovered devices, automatically get device apps and info for new devices
  3. Turn on MSIE Smart filter to check websites, downloads with Microsoft, Turn on Smart Screen Filter to check files and apps with Microsoft
  4. Next screen provides multiple options to provide feedback to MS for various functions and applications of Windows 8
  5. Ability to check Online for common Windows issues, and allow data sharing between apps and user account.
  6. Create or sign into a Microsoft hosted email service, by default, Hotmail is selected for new accounts. The bottom options allows windows to use a local administrator account to log into the system, as opposed to an online account.
  7. If online account is selected, but not created on previous screen, then the option to log into an existing account is presented.
  8. Online account security verification and alternate contact method.
  9. Online account or local account creation occurs.
  10. Windows finalizes all settings previously selected and user login screen is presented.
  11. After successful login, then user account data and folders is created
  12. Windows 8 Start Screen, which denotes a successful OS install.

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