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3M 12.5W Privacy Filter from Lenovo - Overview

3M 12.5W Privacy Filter from Lenovo (0A61770)

Features and specifications

The 3M 12.5W Privacy Filter from Lenovo (0A61770) utilize the patented 3M microlouver privacy technology so only persons directly in front of the display can clearly see the image on screen. Passersby, or those viewing from an angle see only a blank, dark screen. With identity theft concerns growing and information disclosure laws becoming increasingly more restrictive, the requirement to protect sensitive data is critical. Unique attachment system keeps the security filter in place even when the laptop is closed.

  • 12.5W privacy filter fits 12.5-inch widescreen laptop computers
  • Filters are designed for widescreen laptop computers with 16:9 aspect ratio; screens that appear more rectangular than square
  • Excellent for high traffic areas
  • Reversible for either glossy or matte screen finish
  • Reduces glare when used with the matte side facing you
  • Helps protect your LCD panel from scratches
  • Easy on easy off attachment system
  • 3M one year warranty

Physical Specifications

  • Height: 156.6 mm (6.165 in)
  • Width: 277.7 mm (10.933 in)
  • Depth: 0.533 mm (0.021 in)
  • Weight: 27.22 g (0.06 lbs)



1 Year - Warranty provided by 3M on behalf of Lenovo

  • Announce date: 05 Apr 2011 (Worldwide)
  • Planned availability date: 05 Apr 2011 (Worldwide)


Hardware compatibility
Machine - Models
ThinkPad X220
ThinkPad X230

Note: Not supported on the ThinkPad X220t, X220 Tablet systems.


  • Privacy Filter
  • Installation Instructions


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