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Completing the parts replacement - ThinkStation C20 (type 4262, 4263, 4264, 4265), C20x (type 4266, 4269, 4271, 4272)
After completing the installation or replacement for all parts, you need to reinstall the computer cover and reconnect cables.

To reinstall the computer cover and reconnect cables, do the following:

  1. Make sure that all components have been reassembled correctly and that no tools or loose screws are left inside your computer. See "Locating components" for the locations of various components in your computer.
  2. Make sure that the cables are routed correctly before reinstalling the computer cover. Keep cables clear of the hinges and sides of the computer chassis to avoid interference with reinstalling the computer cover.
  3. Reinstall the front bezel if you have removed it. See "Removing and reinstalling the front bezel".
  4. Position the computer cover on the chassis so that the rail guides on the bottom of the computer cover engage with the rails on the chassis. Then, close the computer cover to engage the cover-release button.

Reinstalling the computer cover

Figure 1. Reinstalling the computer cover

  1. Use the keys that came with your computer to lock the keylock in the computer cover.
  2. Lock the computer if you have an integrated cable lock or a padlock.
  3. Reconnect the external cables and power cord to the computer. See "Locating connectors on the rear of your computer".
  4. Depending on the parts you installed or replaced, you might need to confirm the updated information in the Setup Utility program. Refer to "Using the Setup Utility program".
    Note: In most areas of the world, Lenovo requires the return of the defective Customer Replaceable Unit (CRU). Information about this will come with the CRU or will come a few days after the CRU arrives.
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