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ThinkPad USB Keyboard with TrackPoint - Service parts
  • Description: A description of the product.
  • Marketing part number: The marketing part number is the part number used for purchasing the product.
  • Field replacement unit (FRU) part number: The service part number for the product or one of the product's components.
North America
DescriptionMarketing part numberReplacement part number (FRU)
US English 55Y9003 57Y4641 replaces 55Y9053

DescriptionMarketing part numberReplacement part number (FRU)
US English 55Y9003 57Y4641 replaces 55Y9053
French Canadian 445 55Y9015 57Y4653 replaces 55Y9065
French Canadian 58 55Y9016 57Y4654 replaces 55Y9066

Europe, Middle East, Africa
DescriptionMarketing part numberReplacement part number (FRU)
Arabic 55Y9004 57Y4642 replaces 55Y9054
Belgium/UK 55Y9007 57Y4645 replaces 55Y9057
Bulgarian 55Y9009 57Y4647 replaces 55Y9059
Czech (QWERTY or ABB) 55Y9011 57Y4649 replaces 55Y9061
Danish 55Y9012 57Y4650 replaces 55Y9062
Dutch 55Y9013 57Y4651 replaces 55Y9063
French 55Y9014 57Y4652 replaces 55Y9064
German 55Y9017 57Y4655 replaces 55Y9067
Greek/US 55Y9019 57Y4657 replaces 55Y9069
Hebrew 55Y9020 57Y4658 replaces 55Y9070
Hungarian 55Y9021 57Y4659 replaces 55Y9071
Iceland 55Y9022 57Y4660 replaces 55Y9072
Italy 55Y9023 57Y4661 replaces 55Y9073
Norwegian 55Y9027 57Y4665 replaces 55Y9077
Polish 55Y9028 57Y4666 replaces 55Y9078
Portuguese 55Y9029 57Y4667 replaces 55Y9079
Russian/Cy 55Y9032 57Y4668 replaces 55Y9082
Slovak 55Y9034 57Y4669 replaces 55Y9084
Slovenian +++ 55Y9043 57Y4677 replaces 55Y9093
Spanish 55Y9035 57Y4670 replaces 55Y9085
Swedish/Finn 55Y9036 57Y4671 replaces 55Y9086
Swiss, F/G 55Y9037 57Y4672 replaces 55Y9087
UK English 55Y9041 57Y4675 replaces 55Y9091
US Euro 55Y9042 57Y4676 replaces 55Y9092

Latin America
DescriptionMarketing part numberReplacement part number (FRU)
US English 55Y9003 57Y4641 replaces 55Y9053
Brazil/Portuguese 55Y9008 57Y4646 replaces 55Y9058
LA Spanish 55Y9026 57Y4664 replaces 55Y9076

Asia Pacific
DescriptionMarketing part numberReplacement part number (FRU)
Traditional Chinese 467 / U.S. English 55Y9010 57Y4648 replaces 55Y9060
Korean 55Y9025 57Y4663 replaces 55Y9075
Thailand 55Y9038 57Y4673 replaces 55Y9088
Japanese 55Y9024 57Y4662 replaces 55Y9074

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Last Updated : 14 Jan 2014
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