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Optical drive removal and installation - ThinkCentre M58 (type 7187, 7359, 8820) M58p (type 6136, 7345, 7479, 9961)

This section provides instructions on how to replace an optical drive.

  1. Open the computer cover. See "Cover removal".
  2. Remove the front bezel by releasing the two tabs and pivoting the bezel forward to remove completely.


  1. Disconnect the signal and power cables from the rear of the optical drive.
  2. Press the optical drive lock button to remove the optical drive out the front of the computer.


  1. Remove the retainer bracket from the failing drive and install it on the new optical drive.


  1. Slide the new optical drive into the drive bay until it snaps into position.


  1. Connect the signal and power cables to the drive.
  2. To reinstall the front bezel, align the plastic tabs on the bottom of the bezel with the corresponding holes in the chassis, then pivot the bezel inward until it snaps into position.
  3. Go to "Completing the FRU replacement".
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