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Adapter card removal and installation - ThinkCentre M58 (type 7187, 7359, 8820) M58p (type 6136, 7345, 7479, 9961)

This section provides instructions on how to replace the adapter card.

Note: You need to remove the system board in order to replace the adapter card.

  1. Open the computer cover. See "Cover removal".
  2. Locate the system board and disconnect all cables connected to the system board. See "Locating parts on the system board".
  3. Press inward on the two side tabs and then pivot the system board to release it from the chassis.


  1. Place the system board on a clean and flat surface.
  2. Locate the adapter card slot. See "Locating parts on the system board".
  3. Rotate the adapter card retainer to the open position and remove the adapter card being replaced by pulling it out of the adapter card slot.


  1. Remove the new adapter card from its static-protective package.
  2. Install the new adapter card into the adapter card slot. Make sure that the adapter card is firmly fixed in the slot and does not move easily.
  3. Close the adapter card retainer.
  4. Slide the system board to the rear of the chassis and then pivot the system board until it is locked by the mounting stud on each side of the cover.
  5. Reconnect all cables that were disconnected from the system board.
  6. Go to "Completing the FRU replacement".




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